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McCrory's polling numbers continue to decline

Gov. Pat McCrory's poll numbers are continuing to decline and he is by some accounts, among the nation's least popular governors.

McCrory's approval rating has tumbled from 39 percent in August to 35 percent in September, according to a new survey by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm based in Raleigh. The survey results were aired Tuesday night on Capital Tonight on News 14.

If those ratings are accurate, McCrory is now in the cellar among the nation's governors. A survey published by The New York Times in May showed Lincoln Chafee, an independent of Rhode Island at a 26 percent approval rating, Democrat Pat Quinn of Illinois at 33 percent, Republican Rick Scott of Florida at 35 percent, and Republican Sam Brownback of Kansas at 36 percent.

A foundation with close ties to McCrory began running a TV campaign on Tuesday which features the governor talking about his accomplishments since taking office in January.


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Gov's polls

35% ? That seems a bit high for McCrory doesn't it? Maybe 5% among thinking people. And his cronies in the Legislature? Surely not even that much.

Running a TV campaign on his accomplishments? Turning NC into Mississippi in a only few months is an accomplishment to brag about?

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