Under the Dome

McCrory's national radio address underlines themes of economy, education and efficiency

Gov. Pat McCrory gave the GOP’s weekly radio address on Saturday morning, giving the newly elected North Carolina governor a bit of a national profile.

McCrory repeated the gist of his campaign themes and remarks he has made since taking office in January, saying North Carolina is working on reforms in the economy, education and efficiency.

“Like you, when I look to Washington, I see entrenched gridlock and an immediate need for executive leadership,” McCrory said. “Fortunately, Washington bears no resemblance to states where strong Republican governors are using their leadership skills to improve the daily lives of their citizens.”

McCrory included his favorite philosophy of government: that it should be customer-friendly, like a business. He said government can become more efficient through innovating thinking, such as the kind of innovation that turned the original mobile phones into today’s smartphones.

“There is no reason why government can’t be as customer friendly and cost effective as a smartphone,” he said. “Ultimately, interacting with government should be as easy as checking the latest scores on the internet or shopping online.”

The governor said states need the flexibility to tackle issues like health care, energy and Medicaid on their own terms. He added that he has asked President Obama to speed up energy exploration off the shores of North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina as a way to increase jobs.

A video of the radio address was posted online and is included here.

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