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McCrory's camp releases internal poll showing governor's approval at 48%

UPDATED: Pat McCrory's camp released internal poll numbers Wednesday showing his job approval rating at 48 percent -- a move designed to counter a different poll that shows the governor's stock declining.

The poll commissioned by Renew North Carolina Foundation, a private nonprofit extended from McCrory's 2012 campaign, gives the Republican governor a 26-point positive approval margin, with just 22 percent disapproving. His favorability rating is essentially the same at 49 favorable to 22 percent unfavorable, according to a portion of the poll released first to Dome. Another 29 percent were unsure. The margin of error for the poll is plus-or-minus 3.5 percent.

Earlier Wednesday, a new survey from Public Policy Polling showed McCrory's job approval rating at 39 percent with 51 percent disapproving -- his lowest numbers of his term and part of a sustained decline since he took office at the start of the year. The margin of error is 4 percent.

The poll asked the same question but the different numbers are likely attributed to methodology. McCrory's camp polled likely voters and PPP surveyed registered voters.

Renew North Carolina used the Republican firm TelOpinion Research, the McCrory campaign's pollster, to conduct its poll, which called 800 likely North Carolina voters Aug. 8-12. As a benchmark, Renew North Carolina released President Barack Obama's approval rating (split 48-48) and favorability (48-41). A spokesman read the questions over the phone but declined to release the entire poll.

The Raleigh-based PPP polled 600 registered North Carolina voters Aug. 8-11 through an automated, or robo-call, system. The Democratic firm -- often a target of ire for McCrory during the campaign -- polls North Carolina every month and received widespread accolades for its accurate polling in the 2012 elections. It shows Obama's job approval at 46-51.

The release of an internal poll is rare and a first for the nonprofit. Renew North Carolina is run by former McCrory campaign strategists and charges $25,000 to $50,000 a year for memberships with promises of exclusive access to the governor. The organization's membership is dominated by corporate money and big-named Republicans and it does not disclose its donors, attracting significant criticism.

The nonprofit recently hired Brian Nick, McCrory's former campaign spokesman, as its communications chief. Nick recently left his position at Moore and Van Allen, a law firm that formerly employed McCrory, to rejoin the political consulting firm Strategic Perception. His move is a sign McCrory's camp believes it needs to improve its message and begin to counter rising opposition from Democrats and advocacy groups critical of the governor's agenda.


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A suggestion

I agree that the off the scale NCGA is dragging McCrory down, but so far he hasn't had the nerve to veto any of their zany legislation. Vote for someone in 2016 that will stand up to the NCGA. As pathetic as Bev Perdue was, she did issue some vetoes that temporarily blocked some of the insanity. Do your part to eliminate the super majorities, that's bad for democracy regardless of party.

Good one!

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the FAIREST governor of them all?"

When you own the mirror, what do you think it will tell you?

Yes, good one !

McCrory is working hard

I think the Gov is doing well. The General Assembly is dragging him down, but citizens know the Governor is working for all North Carolinians.

PPP manipulates

PPP spends even numbered years polling. They spend odd years producing propaganda disguised as polling. Look at the historical data. PPP downplays republicans in off years to help Dems.


"Pat McCrory's camp released internal poll numbers Wednesday..."

And you would pass that along to your readers - why?

Because you thought that publishing it would be "only fair" to McCrory? Because you thought some of us would be amused? Because you want to reinforce the idea that newspapers are not really news, just entertainment?

C'mon N&O, I'm paying for this paper. You could have done better with the space...

Missing word

When this private campaign pollster released the poll results he left out one word.

"which called 800 likely North Carolina voters Aug. 8-12."
He should have included that it was "Republican" NC voters. I could imagine he MIGHT get 49% of this group.

Believable numbers

The N&O doesn't conduct polls. Anyone who believes any politician's internal polls would be an easy sell for a bridge in Brooklyn.

One Note On Methodology

"McCrory's camp polled likely voters and PPP surveyed registered voters."

Nobody will be voting - for or against - McCrory until November 2016. That's more than three years away. Any pollster who even *pretends* to have a likely voter screen that is valid 39 months in the future is doing just that - pretending.

So.... can believe the pollster who was (far and away) the most accurate in the country in the 2012 election cycle and is polling in his home state. Or you can believe the "private" numbers released by a the PR staff of a governor who has been caught repeatedly lying to us all.

Gee, that's a tough call, isn't it?

Looks like the rightwing faithful learned nothing from that whole "unskewed" nonsense last fall....

What a great picture!

I just love it when the N&O uses this picture of the Governor. He looks just like Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons". He's looking over the devastation caused by the Legislature and saying "Excellent."

What a hoot!

So the McCroy bootlickers and shoe shiners are telling him he's doing great. It must be nice to have paid sycophants.

What a joke

Only a person getting paid to believe this poll would actually trust internal numbers of any politician. It's in poor form for the N&O to even publish this as news when the polling company won't release the methodology. (it's probably the same methodology that Romney and Karl Rove were using when they thought Romney would win big in 2012)

Even if one believed the 48%, to think that only 22% disapprove...hahahahah, seriously, nobody believes that.

Also, why does the N&O have a separate registration for blogs
and their regular articles?

I would believe his numbers

I would believe his numbers long before I would believe any numbers coming from the N&O.

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