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McCrory: Will weigh in on UNC academic scandal

At his news conference Thursday, Gov.-elect Pat McCrory was asked about his reaction to the UNC academic scandal involving no-show classes. The conference was going on just about the same time former Gov. Jim Martin's report on the situation was being presented to university trustees and a special panel of the UNC Board of Governors.

Here's what he had to say:

"I think it’s appropriate for me to wait for Gov. Martin’s report. But I will definitely review that report and will have a reaction. Fraud is not acceptable anywhere. This includes university campuses. We must take this issue extremely seriously, and we must at first admit we have a problem, and then we better solve the problem and make sure those responsible for that problem are dealt with. But I first got to make sure I know all the facts before responding."

UPDATE: McCrory's Twitter account posted this tweet on Friday afternoon: "Just reviewed Martin report & results are troubling. It’s not just academic fraud but fraud against the public. It can’t be tolerated."

And then: "We must ensure future admins & their boards are held accountable & students are getting a sound education while protecting NC tax $."

UPDATED: Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger on Friday said the state Senate will be following up on the Martin report. His office released this statement:

“Gov. Martin’s report raises a number of unanswered questions and reveals a significant and long standing failure at UNC-Chapel Hill to protect its integrity and academic reputation. The people of North Carolina have a long history and proud tradition of support for our public university system. However, erosion of high quality standards and lapses in oversight will, over time, result in an attrition of public support. The North Carolina Senate will exercise its appropriate oversight responsibilities in light of these events and this report.”


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About time our elected

About time our elected representatives look into the cheating scandal at CH.

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