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McCrory wants to make it easier to fire bad state workers

Gov. Pat McCrory said Tuesday that his administration plans to support legislation that would make it easier to fire state employees who are not doing their jobs.

McCrory said he would ask for changes in the State Personnel Act, the law that protects state workers from arbitrary and political firings. He said his top managers are seeking more authority to both reward good employees and get rid of poor performers.

“One item we are looking at is the State Personnel Act, legislation that would give us more flexibility to help promote and give incentives to good employees who are doing a good job and at the same time dealing with employees are not doing a good job,'' McCrory told a meeting of the Council of State Tuesday morning.

“I will give you a couple of examples quickly,” McCrory said. “We have one employee who has not come to work in three months, which is not good. They appealed the firing.''

The governor said the average appeal of a firing of a state employee is now more than 400 days.

McCrory declined after the meeting to discuss the details of the legislation, as did his budget director Art Pope. His communications office said it may make someone available later Tuesday.

The legislature last year, already moved to enlarge the list of positions exempt from the civil service protections of the State Personnel Act under the McCrory administration from the 400 under the administration of Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue to 1,000 under McCrory, a Republican.


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What about all those brother-in-laws?

Won't the wives be mad if their brothers lose their state jobs. I fear the firing of these brother-in-laws could lead to many divorces. The cost of the divorces might be higher than getting rid of these sorry workers. The Democrats have taken care of many brother-in-laws over the years and the taxpayers have understood. Don't mess with the Democratic patronage system. It has served us well for many long years.

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