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McCrory unveils plan for N.C. higher education

Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory says he would work to increase the value of a North Carolina college diploma in part by helping students better determine whether a four- or two-year degree best matches their skills.

The former Charlotte mayor released Friday his higher education platform. It builds on previously unveiled ideas in which he's said there should be two pathways to get a high school degree - an academic route and a vocational route.

McCrory's position paper says his administration would seek to increase college graduation rates he said often fall below 50 percent and improve K-12 education to reduce the need for remedial college courses.

He also wants to provide financial incentives to students who finish college degrees early.

Reported by The Associated Press


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All good candidates must pander

A really good candidate must know how to pander.  Or evolve.  It is a necessary measure to winning.

Running to the far right to win

Romney is running to the far right to win, and Mccrory is running to the far right to win. Is that a calculation that far right posturing is the way to go? Are they sincere that they have changed, or are they just pandering? If federal, state and local gvoernments all slam on the brakes and implement austerity budgets, what will happen to our schools?

"...seems to be running as far to the Right as he can to win."

And what do you suggest?  That he run to the Left so that he could lose?

You do what you gotta do to get elected.  You know, you "evolve" with the polls.  It's like Obama said to Mr. Medvedev, "After my election I have more flexibility."



If the Republicans get elected nationally, at the state level, and at the local county level in NC, would McCrory change his plans, or would he simply rubber stamp the Republican legislature's plans, and cut education spending at every level? Charlotte Mayors always tend to be more Liberal than most Republicans to get elected there, but like Romney, McCrory seems to be running as far to the Right as he can to win.

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