Under the Dome

McCrory supports voter ID effort, but sees a softer approach

Gov. Pat McCrory said he supports the legislative effort and disagrees that it infringes of the right to vote.

"I think voter ID is what you need to get Sudafed in the stores, what you need to get on a plane, what you need to get many government services at this time," he said after an event at the governor's mansion. "I do think there will be protections available for people who don't have immediate access to IDs and there will be ways to do that."

"I think requiring an ID to vote is a common sense practice," he added.

McCrory appears more flexible on what constitutes an acceptable identification than other Republicans who want to require photo IDs. The governor said he is open to other options, inclduing voter registration cards, which currently don't include a photo.

"I would prefer a photo ID," he said. "If there are other options that are being presented, I welcome to those options, too, and I have discussed those options in the past up to and including voter registration cards.

"But I'm going to to let the legislature debate the details of that," he continued. "As they debate the details I'll give my feedback, but I anticipate that will be voted on before this session ends and we will have a new voter ID requirement that will protect the integrity of the voter box for generations to come."

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