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McCrory: Sometimes it takes a mayor

Pat McCrory sees parallels between Sarah Palin's record and what he wants to do in Raleigh.

The Republican nominee for governor and seven-term Charlotte mayor released a statement saying Palin "proves that sometimes it takes a mayor to clean up state government."

I think Gov. Sarah Palin, a former mayor with a background of cleaning up state government, is a great choice for vice president. She is someone with a real record of changing the status quo and challenging corruption in state government. Gov. Palin stopped the infamous 'bridge to nowhere' and used her veto to actually cut spending.

McCrory also said Palin will be a contrast to Joe Biden, "a U.S. Senator for over 20 years."

Biden has been in the Senate for almost 36 years, if you're counting.


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Re: McCrory: Sometimes it takes a mayor

Bill and Ryan (if you're back), this place amazes me.

You tell posters to "watch their language" if they use the word "crap", yet you allow this idiot to call our Governor "Sleazely" on numerous threads and drop little offensive jewels like "Hitlary" here and there.

Unless you're strictly adhering to a list of "bad words" that Meemaw would wash your mouth out with soap for uttering, your judgment about what is or is not offensive is seriously in question.

Re: Perdue is "180% different" than Easley!? Is that possible?

Perdue IS 'more corruption without interruption'...she IS the sista-daughta of Jim Hunt AND Mike Sleazely!

Her record is pitiful, but the CLUELESS voters thinks she's just sweet as sugah...

Perdue is "180% different" than Easley!? Is that possible?

Beverly recently told the Greensboro News & Record the following:
- She is 180% different from Governor Easley..... Please share with me how that is possible, particularly if you are part of his corrupt inner cabinet?
- She will be a better Governor than Jim Hunt.... Again, that tells me that you did not like the job that Easley or Hunt did during their 24 years in control of the state. What didn't you like and HOW are you going to be better?

As importantly, what have you done during the past 8 years to demonstrate that you will be any different than the corrupt status quo? If you are not part of the secretive 5, tell us when you have stood up to them? Just one time.....

Re: McCrory on Palin

The Alaskan Governor has a line item veto. In North Carolina, where only entire bills can be vetoed, only the threat of a veto can achieve a comparative effect. Comparisons with North Carolina are spurious.

Oh, she's cleaning up government all right. She started with her ex brother-in-law state trooper followed by the Public Safety Commissioner who wouldn't fire him.

Re: McCrory: Sometimes it takes a mayor

yeah, we ARE counting Biden's years...Palin is a breath of fresh air, and
even though a bit of shock, I bet she will attract all those disgruntled Hitlary woulda been voters!

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