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McCrory signs regulatory bill

Gov. Pat McCrory Friday signed a bill aimed at reducing environmental regulations that he said had become overly burdensome and that were hurting economic growth.

The measure, called the Regulatory Reform Act, involves with state and local rules and regulations regarding the handling of solid waste, the handling recycled materials such as asphalt or roofing shanks , environmental impact studies for proposed landfills, rules hauling garbage, buffers for state gamelands, and other changes.

"For decades, Democrats have stifled small businesses and job creators with undue bureaucratic burden and red tape,'' McCrory said in a statement. "We have more than 22,000 rules on the books in state government and this is unacceptable.''

"This common sense legislation cuts government red tape, axes overly burdensome regulations, and puts job creation first here in North Carolina,'' McCrory said.

The legislation had support in the business community, but was opposed by environmental supporters.

McCrory had expressed some reservations about portions of the bill,because it gives billboard companies more authority to cut down trees and vegetation to make sure their signs can be seen. McCrory, as Charlotte mayor, was sensitive to the authority of local governments to regulate billboards in their communities.

To soften the blow of the bill, McCrory issued an executive order that "ensures local input and protects North Carolina form excessive clear cutting from outdoor advertising companies.''

The governor also issued a second order that addresses a new provision that garbage trucks only have to be leak resistant, not leak proof. McCrory ordered the State Highway Patrol to continue enforcing the law "that leachate is not permitted to escape from containers or vehicles transporting solid waste on North Carolina highways.''

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