Under the Dome

McCrory signs farm bill amid abortion protest

Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill to help agriculture outside the Capitol Wednesday afternoon, amid tight security and abortion protests.

Holding his first outside bill signing, with a large tractor as a backdrop, McCrory made official the NC Farm Act of 2013, legislation that addresses liability issues facing farmers.

But by holding it outside, the governor exposed himself to protesters. At least four women silently held signs at a distance reminding McCrory of his campaign promise to not approve any new restrictions on abortion. Several police officers stood close by.

Meanwhile, a truck hauling a mobile billboard circles Capitol square with a sign that included a large photograph of McCrory and the words:"Keep Your Word Gov. McCrory.''

McCrory did not meet with the protesters.

McCrory in separate ceremonies also signed the Corporal Pruitt Rainey Brass to Class Act which directs the State Board of Education to establish rules for awarding credit for prior work experience given to certain veterans for purpose of placing on state salary schedules. He also a bill allowing local governments to enact sidewalk dining ordinances for use of state-owned-right-of way.

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