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McCrory signs abortion curriculum bill

Gov. Pat McCrory has signed the bill requiring students be taught that abortion is among the risk factors for premature birth.

SB132 was one of 43 bills the governor signed Thursday, according to a news release his office sent out Thursday evening.

There are conflicting studies about whether abortion is a risk factor for future pre-term births. The state Childhood Fatality Task Force recommended it be taught.

Abortion-rights advocates saw the bill as the first test of McCrory's comment during the campaign that he wouldn't sign into law any new restrictions on abortions. But whether or not signing that bill would be a test of his statement became moot last week when McCrory said he would sign the House version of a bill imposing new regulations on abortion clinics.

That bill is now in the Senate, which had its own, stricter version. There has been no indication when the Senate might take up the issue. The General Assembly is expected to adjourn after next week.

Here are the other bills the governor signed Thursday:

HB 428, HB 137, HB 161, HB 168, HB 176, HB 214, HB 241, HB 257, HB 296, HB 327, HB 340, HB 345, HB 357, HB 358, HB 362, HB 371, HB 391, HB 402, HB 450, HB 462, HB 474, HB 492, HB 614, HB 635, HB 683, HB 754, HB 783, HB 816, HB 828, HB 895, HB 917, HB 982, SB 174, SB 231, SB 248, SB 280, SB 316, SB 378, SB 399, SB 465 and SB 717.

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