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McCrory says Utilities Commission inquiry proper

GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, who spent most of his career as a mid-level Duke Energy executive, said he thought the state Utilities Commission acting properly in looking into the controversy surrounding the merger of Duke Energy and Progress Energy.

“I think the Utiltiies Commisison is doing it's job and asking the questions relating to why they approved the merger," McCrory said. "I think it's very proper for them to ask and inquire about why and when decisions were made.''

“I do think the discussion need to get to two primary areas," McCrory said. "The primary purpose of the merger should be to make sure that North Carolina has low cost, reliable energy, now even more with the merger. The low cost energy is greatest economic development tool.''

“The discussion needs to be centered not around individuals but low cost, reliable and efficient energy for the next 50 years as a result of the merger. The second area as governor I would be asking is regarding jobs and primarily not just the jobs of staff, but the jobs of any potential power plants that could be built of expanded in North Carolina in the future.''


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He speaks ......

Well, at least you have spoken, Pat.

I was going to vote for you, but now I am sort of leaning the other way. Why? Your remarks leave much to my imagination, and most of it has to do with the fact you don't think "people" have anything to do with the discusson of what just occurred, when in fact, it has everything.

If Duke doesn't have the integrity to keep its promises about employing the CEO, then what else will this company reneg on? You were a former Duke employee, would you answer that statement in a news release?

Integrity of the leadership, from the board room all the way down to the janitor is important in any organization. And, if integrity is not there then there is no trust.

Can I trust you, Pat? How is your integrity? I'm beginning to wonder since you have that "Duke" plastered to your resume. In all of your prepared remarks, you never addressed individual integrity. Interesting!

McCrory and the Utilities Commission, peas in a pod.

Both are pandering to the media, with no genuine intent to do anything.

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