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McCrory says Administration Building fire shows bad shape of state buildings

Gov. Pat McCrory Monday showed reporters the site of an electrical fire in the Administration Building, using it illustrate how bad the physical plant had run down.

“This building could have been destroyed and we could have a loss of life,” McCrory said. “That is how broken the system is right now. And this is one of the better buildings we have right now in state government.''

“Before we build any new buildings, we have to take care of some of existing buildings and make sure they are safe for employees and make sure they have sufficient security for information systems, and make sure these long-term maintenance problems are fixed or it is going to cost the taxpayers even more money,'' McCrory said.

The fire broke out Friday afternoon on the first floor of the Administration Building, and was extinguished by a Capitol Police officer, after the alarm was sounded. The employees, some of the new McCrory administration appointees, spent two hours outside the building Friday.

The fire broke in a small room, described as little more than a closet, that had been converted into a server room, that lacked proper ventilation, according to Chris Estes, head of information systems. A ubs device overheated and started to burn some wires.

“You have a building that wasn't really designed for today's technology and so its been adapted,” Estes said.

The building is a 1960's era building that houses many of the offices of the governor's staff, a secondary office for the governor, the budget office, the staff the Department of Administration.

The state has deferred maintenance on many state and university buildings during the recent economic downturn.

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