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McCrory robocalls against public campaigns

The public campaigns portion of the Senate's ethics bill set Pat McCrory to calling.

McCrory, the former Charlotte mayor and Republican nominee for governor in 2008, recorded a robocall for Americans for Prosperity, which has worked against publicly financed campaigns.

The Senate bill would expand the program from three to eight Council of State offices using new fees levied against new businesses or professionals regulated by the offices affected.

McCrory pointedly calls these fees "taxes."

"With double digit unemployment in North Carolina we should not be raising taxes to fund political campaigns," McCrory says in the call, which is going out to Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters in eight Senate districts.

The call asks voters to call lawmakers about the issue.


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What could be more ethical than politicians voting to take taxpayer money and use it for their reelection campaigns? Anyone advancing using taxpayer money for political campaigns needs to be investigated for a serious conflict of interest.

Fees are taxes by a different name.

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