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McCrory responds to scathing New York Times editorial

Earlier this week, a New York Times editorial slammed the GOP takeover of North Carolina government, saying since McCrory took office Republicans have dismantled the state’s progressive reputation. On Saturday, the Times published McCrory’s letter to the editor in response:

The North Carolina I’m leading today is on a powerful comeback. After just six months of problem-solving leadership and making the tough decisions that we were elected to do, there is significant movement on vital reforms to tax policy, energy, education, economic development and transportation.

While it may not be apparent to the very liberal worldview of The Times, North Carolina’s new focus on reform is paying off. Already companies have announced plans to create more than 9,300 jobs in the state and invest more than $1.1 billion in facilities. The jet engine manufacturer GE Aviation is bringing its advanced materials production to a new facility near Asheville.

My reforms have stepped on the toes of the political right and the left who are vested in the old ways of doing business. But in my 14 years as mayor of Charlotte, I learned that it didn’t matter whether a good idea came from a Republican or a Democrat. What mattered was whether it solved a problem and did so at a cost taxpayers could afford.

This collaborative, problem-solving, focused leadership transformed Charlotte from a regional hub into a leading national metropolitan center.

This focus on pragmatic problem-solving is now fueling North Carolina’s comeback to prosperity as well.

Update: And thanks to a reader suggestion, here's that editorial.


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NC Republicans worse than kids in a candy store

Now that the Democrats in NC have become the "silent minority" the Republican majority / governor apparently are doing to its residents what Romney was not given the chance to do to the country - that is to turn back the clock 100 years. While we haven't heard NC Republicans mention the "47% looking for a government handout" that Romney touted they obviously think that only corporations and upper tier tax payers deserve attention and let the rest be damned. I hope that somehow this Republican runaway train can be derailed before it turns NC into a sad joke.

Which is it, Pat?

"While it may not be apparent to the very liberal worldview of The Times..."

"I learned that it didn’t matter whether a good idea came from a Republican or a Democrat..."

Suggestion to Governor: Read over your own rhetoric for glaring inconsistencies before submitting.

Also, you may want to be aware that calling people "liberals" or "conservatives" is childish (the kind of thing you might believe if you spend too much time reading WRAL threads - hint, not the real world!) and insulting to many people.

McCrory must continue to set paramaters of success

Gov. McCrory has begun the process of setting parameters of success to his administration's policy changes.

He states that the outcome of creating 9300 high tech jobs per six months is a favorable one. Whether that job number is valid is one thing that must be verified. Whether the job increase during the first six months of his administration have anything to do with his administration's policy changes is not the point here. We should, however expect to see at least 9300 high tech (?) jobs per six months created, for sure, OR McCrory's administration's self set goals will not have been met.

He should set goals for each policy change and overall, verify validation of goals being met every six months and cross correlate goals that relate to his priorities - as specified in his letter to the NY Times: "reforms to tax policy, energy, education, economic development and transportation".

Then Gov. McCrory tells us, the citizens of NC as well as the readers of the NY Times, what are your specific goals related to reform of:

1) tax policy
2) energy policy
3) education policy
4) economic development
5) transportation.

Surely your specific goals go beyond "reform" and creating high tech jobs, do they not?

If Roy and unc* don't have

If Roy and unc* don't have to respond, no the Gov didn't have to respond either.

Contrary to McCrory's

Contrary to McCrory's assertions, the choices made by the state GOP weren't "hard choices" for the betterment of the state. They were cruel choices apparently designed to turn NC into essentially a third world economy. The fact is that the economic problems that we, along with the rest of the nation and world, faced since 2008 were brought about by the unrestrained greed and criminality of the banksters and Wall St types that McCrory has been shilling for for years. By waging war on the poorest and most vulnerable in our state, raising their tax burden, denying them minimal health care, cutting their access to decent education, and similar measures, the GOP evidently intends to make our citizens so desperate that they will tolerate virtually anything that McC's big business cronies throw their way. While NC is likely to see some level of improvement, simply because the nation and world are in a process of recovery from the Great Recession, the real results of the GOP's actions will be to enhance the position of the rich and powerful at the expense of the less fortunate. No real surprise there.

I'm glad the Times published his rebuttal

Apparently McCrory hasn't figured out that by issuing a "rebuttal" and not directly addressing the concerns expressed in the editorial, he has demonstrated that he is either not willing to try to address them or he cannot without digging the hole deeper. Either way, the only thing he accomplished by replying the way he did was to validate the criticism . . .

Way to go Pat!
"The water won't clear up 'til we get the hogs out of the creek."
-- Jim Hightower

Digging the hole deeper

I guess the governor just had to respond, but anyone who knows what going on in NC has had either a slap in the face or a good laugh. "Powerful comeback", where's the real evidence? There is none!

McCrory's bogus rebuttal

Mr. McCrory did not respond to editorial at all. The editorial concerned social and political issues--not the NC economy that McCrory brags about.

The N&O would have provided a better service to readers by reprinting the editorial along side McCrory's non-answer.
NC has the 5th highest unemployment rate among 50 states; yet, cuts back drastically on unemployment. This is a hardship to present and future workers who have been or will be laid off. Why do people vote for a Republican party that constantly undermines the working class to find ways to give more tax breaks to the already well off. Shame on the governor and legislature for not giving a damn about real people.

David Garrett Izzo

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