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McCrory praises his vetoes and criticizes liberal opposition in radio interview

Gov. Pat McCrory emphasized the moderate qualities expressed by his recent vetoes and said Moral Monday activists are fueled by groups behind the scenes during an interview on WWNC’s Pete Kaliner Show.

Vetoing a conservative drug-testing mandate for some welfare applicants and an immigration bill he said was “more liberal than most states” portrays McCrory as a moderate who is not afraid to anger either party.

“I’m stepping on the toes of the right and the left,” he said.

When asked about a 12-year-old protester who wants to meet with him, McCrory laughed and said the notion is “ridiculous.”

“This is all very liberal groups using children as props to push a very far left agenda,” he said.

Needless to say, the two won't be having a sit-down any time soon.

McCrory encouraged the media to investigate the national and state liberal groups behind Moral Monday and other “media play(s).” He said protests and other events are staged to get free publicity and the media has fallen for the ploy.

He also asked legislators to not return to the legislature in the next couple weeks to override his two vetoes.


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nc is a laughing stock

of the far left commentary, only watched by the far left in NC. this is why i left the democrat party, because the only plan is to hyperventilate over everything that happens, root for failure of nc, offer no suggestions, and complain about everything.
thats no organization that i want anything to do with. so keep clinging to maddow, the daily show, and political cartoons and see how far that get you guys.
oh and dont forget about the poor 12 year old that is being politically pimped out by her detached mother. how disgusting.

NC is a laughing stock!

McCrory has made a laughing stock out of NC, with the bills he has signed to law! He is so afraid of the far right-wingers, holding his job in jeopardy. He has made the people of NC, look like knuckle-draging neanderthals! There was a time I supported him as Mayor of Charlotte, but he did the same thing there, except not as quickly. He is nothing but a puppet on a string, as
long as he continues to answer to these representives. who want to see NC lose enerything! We are doomed. His refusing to meet with a 12 year old girl, shows what a chicken he really is. Here we have a young lady that has taken an intrest in politics, and he slams a door in her face. Shame on you, Governor!! What are you afraid of??? Oh yes, the far right!!

Keep up that SPIN on "negative protesters" Governor

When you hear the word "protester" do you automatically think the worst? Does violence come to mind? Something that "frosts my cookies"(#NotCoolPatMcCrory) is how often those of us raising up our voices in truth is being turned around as negative, bad, "going no where", whatever else you're inclined to conjure up in your mind.

Exercising your First Amendment rights in speech, song, prayer, true words to me is just speaking, non-violently and rationally. I lean towards liking these definitive words to define protest: "To proclaim or make known", "To express strong objection", "To make an earnest avowal or affirmation."

I own up to being a "protester", every day. I do not feel ashamed to be against what so many in this country still feel is the best way to lead us forward. We've seen first hand in NC to the utmost extreme, how easy it is for the "majority" to turn their backs on ALL of their constituents. No need for the liberal elite media here, we live it everyday and have seen/heard it with our own eyes/ears up close and personal this year. We have no choice but to continue the protest and truth telling.


Real Conservatives

These folks telling the Guv what to do (Art Pope) should stop calling themselves conservatives. A Conservative wants the status quo. What these people are - reactionaries. They want to go back to the bad old past when women were seen, not heard and under their husband or some other male relatives control. (And this is the same legislature that felt it necessary to ban the non-existent threat of Sharia law!). And, oh yes, minorities were either slaves or in poorhouses. Students vote? They should not have minds of their own, they should be in private schools where they are force fed elite culture myths and bromides.EA Brown

Hypocrite McCrory

Thanks to NCGA Tpublicans and McCrory, my small county's allocation for school books went from $86,000 to $18,000. This is a huge hit for this poor, rural, school district. I'd bet the lottery that if a twelve year old Bible-thumping, gun-toting, young Tpublican wanted to meet with this pitiful excuse for a Governor, he would trip all over his clown shoes to set it up and alert the media.

SadieJ Ever notice that

Ever notice that whenever someone criticizes Burger/ Goosby/Tillis/McPope, it's always those baddies ~ those "Liberals" ? And that crazy "far left" agenda. Pat can't answer to the issue so he has to call his critics names. Pretty lame

Gov. destroying NC

It's a shame McCrory will have nothing to do with the children of NC simply because they have nothing to offer him monitarily or politically.

Imaginary outsider upstarts

Ear plugs, eyes closed and singing lalalalalalalalalala loudly might let the Gov'r sleep at night for now but oh what a surprise he'll get when he finally realizes he and his puppeteers have roused the wrath of millions of North Carolina WOMEN, and not outsiders. 2016 is a long time to wait.........does the word "impeachment" strike a nerve Pat? It will when the first woman dies from from forced childbirth/lack of health care.

If the Guv knew anything

If the Guv knew anything about the Moral Mondays movement, he would know that outside groups are NOT behind this movement. Look at the names and addresses of those arrested. At least 90% are from NC. Does that show that outsiders are coming here to agitate. NO. We are agitating because your policies are wrong. And to laugh about a 12 yo girl who wants to be involved in the process is sick. He has NO compassion or empathy whatsoever.

The Onion

Reassure me, this is just reprinted from The Onion, right?

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