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McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

Pat McCrory's gubernatorial campaign today called upon Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue to return campaign contributions tied to N.C. Board of Transportation member Louis W. Sewell Jr. and his son, Billy.

The News & Observer reported Sunday that Sewell had steered transportation money to an intersection and a road where he and his son have financial interests, Dan Kane reports.

"Lt. Gov. Perdue has a long history of fundraising impropriety," said McCrory Campaign Manager Richard Hudson in a news release. "Whether it is funds from the nursing home industry she had to return, funds from a disgraced DOT board member she had to return, the series of SBI investigations into her fundraising practices, two of her fundraisers involved in a DENR bribery case, or the recent allegations about the Sewells, she has an ethical cloud hanging over her head."

Hudson said state election reports showed the Sewell family had contributed $37,500 to Perdue's campaigns over the past eight years. Contributions raised by Louis and Billy Sewell should be returned as well, Hudson said.

Reached Monday afternoon, McCrory said that Sewell's actions highlight the need to ban fundraisers from the boards that run transportation and universities and the ABC Commission.

"I want to take the politics out of board work so there's not an appearance of a conflict of interest,' McCrory said.

Sewell has said he steered roughly $375,000 in public money to the projects in his hometown of Jacksonville to help a clogged, accident-prone intersection and to patch up a road where an elementary school opened. He said he was not seeking to aid adjacent properties he co-owned or his son co-owned.

Board members are required to stay away from road projects that might directly benefit them. Transportation Secretary Lyndo Tippett has asked for an ethics investigation.

Louis Sewell was a key fundraiser for Democrat Gov. Mike Easley, who concurred with Tippett for the need of an ethics probe. Perdue, a New Bern Democrat, has identified Sewell as a fundraiser. Her campaign declined to comment Monday.

Previously: Dome checks out claims about fundraising and Perdue.

Update: The post has been updated to include additional information.


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Her name is Fannie Mae,

and six weeks from now you'll end up getting her machine for the 12th time, staring at the screen of the ATM with an empty wallet in your hand and tears streaming down your face.

Oops. I hope she's not reading this. The term "patricide" comes to mind...

Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

So umm... whats her name?


Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

Matt, don't be hitting on my daughter at UNCC, okay?

Firstly, she needs to devote all of her time and energy on her schoolwork, and has no business messin' around with any guys, however "nice" they may seem. ;/

Secondly, I've expended a great deal of effort reversing the Republicanitis instilled in her by her mother (bless her), and her dating a Republican could possibly undermine my teachings.

Either of those things could very easily break my heart, which I'm sure you would not want to do.

Who am I?

Was a bad Jackie Chan movie, but I digress....

I'm a smart mouth college student, taking joy in attacking liberal policies that are on their way to ruining this country. My name is Matt Mercer. I go to UNC Charlotte. I've been active in College Republicans and I've been volunteering for Victory '08. I supported McCrory in the primary, which is when I signed up on Dome. Anything else you want to know? My email is You can add me on Facebook too, if you want.

Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

"By the way, my access to Blue NC is blocked...not sure why..."

It's nothing nefarious, I assure you. I've been a member for 1 1/2 years, and recently had to switch my browser to Firefox because there are some aspects of the website that Internet Explorer can't handle, and it locks up as soon as the page tries to open.

For my part anyway, I want as many Republicans as possible to read what I've written, especially as it relates to national elections. There's a big gap between what true conservatives believe in and what's being "sold" as conservatism by some in the Republican Party in Washington.

"McCrory's only income since he resigned from Duke Energy to run for Governor is his income as Mayor of Charlotte."

That's nice, but I (and many others) are more concerned about how much Duke Energy paid McCrory during the years he wore both hats, especially after he was moved into the economic development position, in which (supposedly) his compensation was based on performance. I have a hunch that compensation was substantial, and that Duke profited greatly from having a big-city Mayor on their payroll.

But I don't know that for sure, do I? Of course I don't. But that speculation is grounded in common sense, and it will continue until more information is provided. Considering his history with Duke, an average annual compensation of $150,000-$200,000 (including stock options, etc.) is not outlandish, and the campaign should not fear the disclosure of such. If it's a lot more than that, then I can understand the desire to keep it from being disclosed, as it might cause many run-of-the-mill voters to realize he's not a "regular guy".

But know this: continuing to harp about them squeaking by on just a Mayor's salary is not only inaccurate, it's deceptive, and I promise you people like me will keep on pointing that out.

Red herring?

Thanks for the illusion of an answer, but why not provide a real answer? Though I'm touched by McCrory's willingness to sacrifice to serve the people of this state, I'd rather know who he's beholden to.

You may call it a red herring, but I take very seriously the notion that our governor could be completely tied to a large energy company for his personal net worth. Why not disclose your candidate's complete financial picture. I've looked at the documents you reference. They do not provide the certainty I personally want regarding the strings attached to Mr. McCrory's "savings."

Everyone knows Perdue is wealthy, it's not something she tries to hide. And all of her contributors and financial holdings are out there in plain view.

You could put this issue to rest in two minutes. The fact that you haven't raises suspicions that there is something to hide ... and bolster my view that the Mayor prefers secrecy and control of information.

Thanks again for responding. Seriously.


PS The invitation to live-blog at BlueNC stands. We're ready whenever you are.

Re: Is anyone taking Protzman seriously?

I think a lot of people take James Protzman seriously and respect his efforts. I do. I think he's frequently wrong and has maturity issues, but he is a good soul and strives to better himself and his community.

As for McCrory and Perdue, I wish he weren't playing so hard to the right-wing (just can't vote for a guy who has) and I wish she were not sure to be the same kind of governor as she has been a senator. I can't vote for her, either.

My prayer at this point is that Democrats keep control in both houses of the General Assembly so we can survive whichever candidate takes the Governor's mansion.

Re: Is anyone taking Protzman seriously?

I take you seriously, Protzman...or at least enjoy your banter on this blog. This forum is what free speech is all about. By the way, my access to Blue NC is blocked...not sure why...

As for the red herring you raise about McCrory's finances-- just look at the financial disclosures both candidates filed with the Ethics Board. One candidate is wealthy-- has a lot of holdings and loaned her campaign at least $930K-- the other is not. McCrory's only income since he resigned from Duke Energy to run for Governor is his income as Mayor of Charlotte. It is somewhere in the $30K range. He and his wife made the decision to live on their savings so he could serve the people of this state.

By the way, as I indicated in previous blog entries, my name is Richard Hudson and I am McCrory's campaign manager. That is why I blog in the open as "McCroryManager."

Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

"Protzman must think that living on 39K a year, or whatever the Mayoral Salary is just too little to believe. Well, believe it or not, some people still do live on less than 40K a year."'re saying McCrory was just doing charity work for Duke Energy all these years that he worked both jobs? :)

Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

"Charlotte is so underfunded it isn't even funny. Glad to see other parts of the state use Charlotte's tax dollars to make their roads and infrastructure so good. We want our money back."

You've just outlined a big reason many North Carolinians are hesitant to send McCrory to Raleigh--the fear he will continue to put Charlotte first as a governor, instead of focusing on the dozens of rural areas that are on the verge of economic collapse. Considering the fact that he used the Mayor's office to further the interests of Duke Energy, worries about him using the Governor's office in the same fashion are not unfounded.

More on Protzman's Irrelavance

Protzman must think that living on 39K a year, or whatever the Mayoral Salary is just too little to believe. Well, believe it or not, some people still do live on less than 40K a year. Why not be constructive and criticize your dumpling Bev Perdue for loaning herself nearly $900,000 to her campaign.

Re: Is anyone taking Protzman seriously?

The difference between you and me is that I know no one takes me seriously.

You've been vomiting all over this thread, but the two questions I've asked remain unaddressed. Who's paying McCrory to run for governor? How much of his personal net worth is tied up in Duke Energy's share price?

Unless you can answer those questions, anything you have to say is just noise.

By the way, exactly who are you? My name is James Protzman, and I am an unaffiliated voter. I'm not a staffer or volunteer for either candidate, though I have contributed to Perdue's campaign.

And you?

It's like you liberals live in your own make-believe world

And I'm the the one accused of making stuff up? I must have missed the memo that we don't talk about Jim Johnson, who only ran Fannie Mae, picked Mrs. Vanilla himself Joe Biden, and has since raised thousands for Obama's campaign. I'd rather lobby for someone and earn the money doing something rather than take their campaign contributions and bring their disgraced CEOs into my campaign. That brings me to another Fannie Mae CEO, Franklin Raines, who has advised Obama on... mortgages. That's like asking Jim Black about ethical behavior.

Charlotte is so underfunded it isn't even funny. Glad to see other parts of the state use Charlotte's tax dollars to make their roads and infrastructure so good. We want our money back.

Re: Who's the party in power in Congress & the GA?

Language, please.

— RTB 


Now you're really making stuff up. If NC is such a lousy place why are so many people flocking here? Like any state we have problems, but not as many as the many other states from which all these people are coming. McCrory is running against a fictional domain trying to scare us.

As to the UK, the Conservative Party is gaining because of its opposition to the Iraq war, its adoption of the Liberal Democrats pro-environment platform and its criticisms of the Labour Party's slavish relationship with George Bush.

Maybe you're thinking of Charlotte, which Forbes has rated one of America's 10 Most Miserable Cities. Now that's scary.

Check again

Now you're just making stuff up, but that is how the McCain and McCrory are running, making stuff up.

From Politico:

I worked in government relations for Fannie Mae for more than 20 years, leading the group for most of those years. When I see photographs of Sen. McCain's staff, it looks to me like the team of lobbyists who used to report to me.

William Maloni
Fannie Mae Senior Vice President for Government and Industry Relations (1983-2004)

From the NY Times:
Loan Titans Paid McCain Adviser Nearly $2 Million

Senator John McCain’s campaign manager [Rick Davis] was paid more than $30,000 a month for five years as president of an advocacy group set up by the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to defend them against stricter regulations, current and former officials say.

Who's the party in power in Congress & the GA?

That would be the Democrat Party, the same ones who espouse socialist BS as they dream of making the United States a true welfare state like their European counterparts, which are doing oh so well. Why do you think conservatives will gain a majority in Canada, will regain the majority in England, and hold power in France and Germany? They've lived under these socialist regimes and realize how awful it is for the economy and every other facet of life.

Here in NC, we could build a new prison for all the Democrat lawmakers either already in jail or will be in jail sooner than later. They love to spend taxpayer money so much they just might do that, come to think about it. Our roads have deteriorated to 48th in the nation on their watch. We spend more on Medicaid than most other states on their watch. We have one of the worst education systems on their watch. The Democrats have whored out the state budget to their interests for years. Enough is enough.

Dirty Campaign tricks are a GOP specialty

Just ask Lee Atwater (oh, sorry, you can't) or Karl Rove. The GOP specializes in smear campaigns, and in 2008 we are treated to massive distortions and lies from the GOP at all levels. McCain spouts several lies per day. Dole lies daily. McCrory lies daily. Seems that the GOP is desparate to keep its stranglehold on political power. Yet, the GOP has driven this country into the ground - war based on lies, deregulation leading to massive economic failure, massive deficits and national debt that is basically a tax on your kids and grandkids because of GOP irresponsibility. Time to realize that the GOP is the incompetent lying party of smears and distortion - they can't run on their failed record, so they waste time trying to distract voters from real issues. In this case, McCrory will use the state budget as welfare for corporations and private schools. No thanks.

Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

Last time I checked, it was Democrats, namely Barney Frank and Chris Dodd that received the campaign contributions from execs from Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Obama's economic advisors were CEOs at Fannie Mae. Tell me, who's the corrupt ones again? Nevermind the fact Obama never met a dirty campaign trick he didn't like, he learned that well from his days in the Chicago slime. When it comes to Perdue, she's the latest straw woman from the Raleigh elitist establishment that has had their slimy hands on the Governor's mansion for far too long.

Tiptoe or Bull in a china shop

When it comes to ethics, Republicans are the bull in the China shop. they don't really give a hoot. They sanctimoniously pay lip service to ethics, but turn around and sell themselves to the highest bidder. We really don't need more GOP hypocrites beholden to big money special interests. McCrory: "The Difference, Is Hypocrisy."

Perdue just punched...

...the tar baby. She has to have lost her mind to try and move this fight away from vouchers and stem cell research to ethics and corruption.

She ought to have fun tiptoeing through this mine field.

McCrory Hypocrisy

see July 24 story in N&O: "McCrory is running on the issue of changing the culture of state government, which he says is controlled by big-money special interests. But his campaign is welcoming the [PAC] association's help." "The Republican Governors Association has established a North Carolina political action committee ... [whose top contributors] include top executives of Coors Brewing Co. in Colorado and the Curves fitness center chain, based in Waco, Texas."

Can you say, "HYPOCRITE." He wants to change the "culture" but only after he collects his.

"The Difference, Is Hypocrisy."

McCrory - more of the same GOP sell-outs to big-money special interests.

McCrory should reveal own finances

McCrory won't come clean on his long term financial connections to Duke Energy but:

"I want to take the politics out of board work so there's not an appearance of a conflict of interest,' McCrory said.

He won't tell us how much he was paid, whether he has a Duke Energy retirement plan or a deferred compensation plan or a separation bonus to carry him through the 9 months to November. Did he quit or request a leave of absence? Show us the letter or email. Anybody ask whether his replacement has been hired? He wants transparency for everyone except himself. It's not just about following the letter of the law. He has to pass the sniff test and the more he stonewalls or distances himself from Duke, the closer people will look.

Red Herring from a scared & guilty Perdue

Questionable contributors + lending her own campaign 6x more than a Governor makes on an annual basis = what else will she and her cronies gain by her being governor? You must be worried about an ethical and self proclaimed former Duke Energy middle manager that excused himself from many votes involving Duke Energy and likely has no Duke Energy stock other than what is in his 401K? Talk about a red herring from a scared candidate and her power elite!

Is anyone taking Protzman seriously?

I mean really... this is just bad. His ilk know McCrory is a much better candidate than Perdue, and are now willing to say and do anything they can to keep their slimy hands on the Governor's seat. Gutting public schools? Yeah, the current system is working so well. I could go on, but you're a joke at this point.

Concerns w/ Perdue's contributions

McCrory has been Mayor of Charlotte for 13 years and as a result, it's logical that many of his contributors, particularly early in the campaign, contributed to his statewide campaign because they respect his leadership while they don't always agree with him (as he does not always support their positions and will tell them so, including issues like sidewalks that peeved developers and opposition to some arts projects that upset Charlotte's elite).

Where has Perdue ever stood up to anything or anyone that she felt was in the wrong in Raleigh?

If you track his contributions, I would bet they are all legitimate and well documented (ask the elections board), unlike Perdue. If you took the time to look at his entire list of contributors, you would find not only Ruff, Lewis and Thompson, but probably also a bunch of small business folks, a cross-section of democrats and republicans as well as folks from all socio-economic segments. No republican can get re-elected 6 or 7 times in a city that has a democratic majority unless you have support across the board. They might even say that he has done a pretty good job and not been a danger to the citizens of Charlotte.

Many, including Perdue herself are advancing red herrings to throw the citizens off the smelly trail that surrounds Perdue and her power elite in Raleigh. There have consistently been ethical questions around contributors to Easley and Perdue. Has there been a philosophy in Raleigh that to play you have to pay? Remember, where there's smoke, there is often fire.

We know exactly where Perdue's money comes from

She's disclosed everything anyone wants to know and then some. McCrory has been nothing but secretive. How do you know he can't afford to write himself a loan? What's he living on? How much of his net worth is tied to the stock price of Duke Energy? Why won't he come clean? What else is he hiding?

Note to previous commenter: I already know everything I need to know about McCrory's positions. He's in favor of gutting public schools, destroying North Carolina's beaches, building coal-fired power plants, and worse.

We don't need Duke Energy calling the shots in the governor's office, and the Pacman has offered no evidence that he's not just another Big Energy Puppet. Until he demonstrates otherwise, we have to conclude that they own him - just like they have for the past 18 years.

Re: Still waiting

To underscore this point-- Perdue has loaned herself at least $930K for her campaign. McCrory can't afford to do that. So, a better question might be-- where did all her money come from?

Re: McCrory said he wouldn't take PAC money, then took it

Sorry to spoil your rant, but that is simply not true. McCrory never said he wouldn't take PAC money.

McCrory said he wouldn't take PAC money, then took it

For those of you who are just not paying attention, McCrory said he wouldn't take PAC money and, guess what, he's taking PAC money! That's why it is an issue. He's a liar. Perdue may not be perfect (I supported Moore in the primary), but she is not a sanctimonious hypocrite like McCrory. I'm not going to vote for more failed GOP economic policies that have put this country down the toilet. Nor am I going to reward such a blatant liar. For McCrory: "The Difference, Is Hypocrisy."

Poor Pat

Poor Pat has plenty of wealthy friends to take care of him:

Pat McCrory, two months past his successful run for a seventh term as mayor, wanted to gauge the support from Charlotte's corporate community as he pondered a campaign for governor.

So he went to the top. [Kenneth] Lewis, the Bank of America Corp. chairman and chief executive, told McCrory that he was on board.

"If I was going to run, I thought it would look bad to be mayor of Charlotte and not have the local business community behind me," McCrory says, remembering that January phone call.

Soon after McCrory entered the race, Lewis and Duke Energy Carolinas President Ellen Ruff led a February fund-raiser for him, hauling in more than $400,000.

"I'm getting incredible support from Charlotte, from the business community," McCrory says.


To underscore the support McCrory's bid has from Charlotte's business elite, including the city's other top banking executive, Wachovia Corp.'s Ken Thompson, consider the guest list for his biggest fund-raiser: auto dealer Skipper Beck; Derick Close, whose family controlled the former Springs Industries Inc.; real estate developer Mel Graham; and NASCAR team owners Rick Hendrick and Felix Sabates.

Re: Still waiting

Why is McCrory's financial info more important that Beverly's? Why aren't you more concerned about the issues than how he is paid or has been paid. Have you seen where he lives or what he drives? He has a very modest life style. Do you not understand that he gets nothing in retire after he leaves the mayor's office or Duke Energy? Have you looked at what Beverly gets, or will get from the state or how she has made her fortune to be able loan her campaign a million dollars? What is your obsession with McCrory's finances. It has never been an issue in 7 elections for mayor. Even if you had the info you are after and it passes your standards, you would find something else about him you don't like. You are not going to support him anyway.

Re: McCrory

What the heck does PAC money have to do with this issue? It is completely different! Beverly has raised millions more than McCrory in PAC money. Why not ask her to return her PAC money? She has also loaned her campaign almost a million dollars. Is it okay for the PAC Woman to keep her dollars? Hypocrisy? Look at her Flip Flops!

Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

Did I hear today that Lyndo Tippett, feeling heat, is cooperating by supplying emails and or other information?

There is MUCH Corruption within NC that the citizens still need to see...
funny how much of it keeps getting protected, huh?

NC Corruption is the direct result of 100+ years of democrackkk domination and control.

How can anyone with a brain EVER vote for another NC democrackkk???

Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

Why won't McCrory disclose what he plans to do with Raleigh's Dorthea Dix property. Is McCrory afraid of telling the citizens of Raleigh that the Mayor of Charlotte plans to sell our central park to a Charlotte/Atlanta general contractor. What other assets is has McCrory promised to steal from the North Carolina Citizens to pay back his big pocket supporters...

Jacksonville got some much needed road improvements. Is this the type of treatment McCrory plans for our state's military families. McCrory would deny them safe roads because it does not pay off his campaign supporters?
Jacksonville is Eastern North Carolina not Charlotte so Jacksonville only gets promises of jobs in an oil industry which does not exist.

McCrory is a one way street to Charlotte.

Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

Hey Real. What are you talking about? What does receiving donations from the Sewell's have to do with PACS? Those two are not even related.

Real, aren't you tired of the corruption, crumbling newly built roads, and lack of democracy in our legislature? Not to mention a 30+% drop out rate in our public schools.

Still waiting

For full disclosure of the Pac McCrory's personal financial picture. He has yet to explain who's paying him to run for governor, and how much of his personal wealth is tied to Duke Energy's stock price.

As soon as we have that little piece of information, then we can turn our attention to all the he-said-she-said nonsense about campaign contributions.


So, is McCrory returning the money he received from PACS? "The Difference, Is Hypocrisy."

Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

In other news, Lyndo Tippett is still at large....


Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

Put Easley, Perdue and Blue in with Black. Birds of a Feather flook together!

Ethics probe on Easley/Perdue!

Isn't it curious that after receiving $125k and probably more from contributions raised by Sewell, Easley now throws him under the bus by suggesting an ethics probe. I suggest an ethics probe for not only Sewell but more importantly Easley and Perdue as birds of a feather.... I have heard of lots of other stories about Perdue and Easley that I would bet that the N&O knows & would report if they weren't so slanted to the left!

However, I have ZERO confidence that Easley's and Perdue's cronies would conduct an ethics and/or criminal investigation that North Carolina's voters deserve. Let's go outside of North Carolina for an investigation!

Re: McCrory: Perdue should return contributions

This is one of the main reasons we need reform in North Carolina. We can only clean up this corruption if the Democrats are removed from power. This is why I am running against go along to get along Dan Blue for NC State House 33 in Raleigh.

The Democrats have even passed a law in the NC General Assembly shielding them from investigation and audits by Les Merritt the elected auditor. What are they trying to hide from the taxpayers and citizens of North Carolina.

It is time for "REAL CHANGE" in North Carolina. Let us end the "Era of Corruption".

Paul Terrell III

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