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McCrory on guns in schools

Gov.-elect Pat McCrory was asked at his news conference Thursday whether he favored arming teachers and other school personnel as a way to prevent further mass shootings.
"I firmly believe the best way to protect schools regarding these terrible incidents ... is people with public safety credentials to be in those schools," he said. "That's what I'd favor over other alternatives being discussed. That's what I did in Charlotte."
The pro-gun rights group Grass Roots North Carolina earlier this week said it would push for legislation allowing teachers and other school employees with concealed-carry permits to bring weapons onto school grounds.
Earlier in his news conference, McCrory said that newly selected secretary of the Department of Public Safety, Kieran Shanahan, has been directed to check with school officials across the state to see if more can be done to protect children from future attacks like the one that happened in Connecticut last week.


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Worked for Columbine....oh,

Worked for Columbine....oh, wait...

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