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McCrory: Occupy Movement setting a bad precedent

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory has seized on a new issue in his still-unofficial campaign to be future N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory, reports Tim Funk of The Charlotte Observer.

The issue: His contention that Charlotte and N.C. officials -- including Gov. Bev Perdue -- are setting a bad precedent by letting Occupy Charlotte and Occupy Raleigh literally occupy city and state-owned property.

If officials give in now, and let small groups of protesters set up tents in front of the old Charlotte city hall on Trade Street, McCrory asks, what will happen when very large groups of protesters show up in Charlotte next year for the Democratic National Convention?

"Where do they draw the line?" says McCrory. "If they let one, do they let 10 -- or 1,000? . . . That's not good for the economy, for public safety, and it's surely not sanitary for our city."

McCrory even has a catchy line, which he has repeated to TV stations and the Observer. If the city lets protesters camp out on city-owned property during the Democratic National Convention, he says, "it's going to look like Woodstock -- without the good music."

Republican McCrory, who's likely to challenge Democrat Perdue in 2012, says the Occupy Charlotte and Occupy Raleigh forces have every right to protest. "But they do not have as right to occupy" city and state-owned property, he says.

And if Charlotte officials don't feel they have an ordinance on the books to kick the Occupy protesters off city property. McCrory says, "The city council should create an ordinance to deal with it -- today."

And, unofficial gubernatorial candidate McCrory adds, "If the governor allows this in Raleigh, where does it stop?"

What does the City of Charlotte say about this issue?

Here's what Capt/ Jeffrey Estes of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department told the Observer in an email:

"The City Code does not include a time limit in a person’s right to picket on a public forum space," he wrote. "As with any gathering on public property, sanitation must be maintained by the people demonstrating at the Old City Hall lawn. One concern was raised involving sanitation at the site, and notice was given to the group that failure to maintain a sanitary environment could result in a Health Inspection and potential removal from the site."



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Who owns public property?



Not "leave no millionaire behind" Pat McCrory.

Pat, either declare for your Guv's race or shut up!


When someones protest infringes upon the rights of another individual by occupying public land that they are trying to camp on so that others cannot walk through or otherwise enjoy the area, the government needs to get a backbone and MOVE THEM.

Thank you, Mayor, we need to bring back common sense to government and not let crazy fringe groups rule our society.

Pat only believes in protest when it fits his point of view

Pat McCrory obviously only believes in protest and first amendment rights when it suits his point of view. The fact the Occupy Movement is making him nervous tells me we are doing something right.  For those utilizing the "lazy hippie get a job" line, all that shows is pure ignorance. If you actually came down and visited those of us occupying Raleigh you would find most there have a job (including myself). I would like to see that told to the veterans who have shown up. In fact yesterday we had an 89 year old WWII  vet sit in with us for 3 hours yesterday. The occupation is maintained because people have different schedules allowing  a presence to be maintained 24/7. With this said McCrory can kindly go to hell. In the meantime he will probably continue to appease his corporate donors. ALL DAY ALL WEEK OCCUPY RALEIGH! We are not leaving!  We are not giving up! Today is day 7.

I guess in McCrory's mind

I guess in McCrory's mind the only time protest should be permitted is when it fits his point of view. As for the "get a job" argument, if you actually took the time to visit the Raleigh Occupation you would find most do work! They come and go as needed, but since not everyone has the same schedule there is always someone there to maintain a presence.

I am one of the occupiers (with a job) and I can tell you the "lazy hippie with no job" response is just a sign of ignorance. I would like to see you tell that to the military people that have shown up in support, including an 89 year old WWII vet who sat with us for 3 hours yesterday. This movement is only growing and it is obviously made McCrory nervous that people are standing up. In my view if he is worried we are doing something right! ALL DAY ALL WEEK OCCUPY RALEIGH!

Whine Whine for your banker buddies

McCrory is a hypocrite indeed.  He certainly didn't care about the Tea Party types.  And they were a more dangerous group....guns in tow for starters. 

The Occupy movement is pretty peaceful as long as cops aren't beating them like they have in NYC. 

McCrory is simply upset because this movement upsets his pals in the big banking business.  That's all he's worried about.  Anything that makes millionaires look bad, the Republicans will criticize.

I remember the Chicago

I remember the Chicago protests at the Dem convention. Steps need to be taken now to prevent violence from disrupting the political process.

There is a difference...

The difference in the "Tea Party Protests" and the "Occupations" that are occurring, is just that. One is a protest, and one is an occupation. Stand around city hall or wherever and protest all you want, but at the end of the day, go home, and get a job.

Hypocrite - Pat McCrory

When the Tea Party demonostrated all over Charlotte, Raleigh, Washington and everywhere else, McCrory said nothing.  Now, McCrory is complaining that the people don't have the right to "occupy" city and state-owned property to complain about the massive abuses of Wall Street.  McCrory is s typical totalitarian.  If the people don't have the right to occupy public property they paid for and they own outright, what rights do they have?  In McCrory's world, corporations have the right to finance his campaign, but people can't stand around at City Hall or the State Capital to air their grievances.  McCrory is a typical hypocrite, a typical totalitarian.

Was McCrory equally concerned about "tea party" protests?

Much of the current perfectly mild and law-abiding "occupy" protests mirrors the "tea party" protests on the other end of the political spectrum last year. Granted, this crowd is much larger, and less likely to carry guns to a rally, or fly a Confederate flag, than the "tea party" protestors, but otherwise the two groups seem about the same to me. I went to both "tea party" and "occupy" rallies in Raleigh, and both struck me as fine First Amendment expressions.


Why all the hand-wringing from politicians?

Right on Pat!

i would bet that Charlotte will pass a long that allows them to contain these rallies before the convention.....or it could be a disaster.  We could ask Perdue's opinion but she's in China! 

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