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McCrory nominates three to state Education board

Former congressman and former GOP state chairman William Cobey is one of Gov. Pat McCrory's nominees to the State Board of Education.

The legislature plans to move quickly to approve the nominees before the State Board of Education meeting next week, at the governor's request. A joint session may come Monday or Tuesday, House Speaker Thom Tillis said.

McCrory nominated Cobey to an at-large seat.

Rebecca Taylor was nominated to fill the 1st district seat, replacing Jean Woolard. Taylor has worked in education for more than 35 years. She is a former special education teacher and now owns and operates Sylvan Learning Centers in eastern North Carolina.

Gregory Alcorn was nominated to fill the 7th district seat.

All three nominees' terms expire March 31,2019. Terms have expired for three current board members, including Chairman Bill Harrison.


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Looks like some great choices!

It would seem to me that it was simply the strategy of the republicans in 2011...such strategies are used by the democracks all the time. Thank God we have the rough criminals like Jim Black and Tony Rand outta the legislature these days...It is SO refreshing to see some liberation from the party of slavery for a change!

Board Appointments

Actually State Board of Education appointments are pursuant to NCGS 115C-10 which requires the Governor to submit the appointments to the General Assembly by the 60th legislative day and requries the legislature to meet in joint session to take action on the appointments. There is nothing to indicate that the terms expire and the seats remain vacant if the GA fails to perform its statutory duty. Thus major jim you have no leg to stand on. Under your interpation the GA could do away with the authorityof the Board by just refusing to ever act on an appointment until the board no longer had a enough members to act.

the real scandal

You cannot deny the fact that this is the first time a General Assembly has ever refused to make a governor's appointments to the State Board. The Democrats in the General Assembly made the appointments that Republican Governor Martin submitted and the Republican House approved the appointments of Governor Hunt in the mid 1990s.

The crowd currently in control of the General Assembly wants to turn North Carolina into Washington where partisanship is more important than the constitution and tradition. Their refusal to make the appointments in 2011 is unprecedented and deserves more attention.

The state Constitution also

The state Constitution also grants the legislative chambers the power to determine the rules of their own proceedings. The leadership received the names of the nominees and, in accordance with the rules of the chamber, opted not to schedule a vote on them at that time. The Constitution does not say when the vote must occur. In any case it made no difference whatsoever, as had there been a vote they would all have certainly been voted down, so the seats would still have been vacant when McCrory came into office.

The real scandal is that two of these members continued to serve on the board long after their constitutionally-mandated eight year terms had expired, and they were allowed to do so. There is a statute that allows for incumbents to retain lessor offices until their successors are appointed and confirmed, but that cannot apply to terms of office that are established by the Constitution.

Important note about these appointments

State Board terms are usually 8 years long but these are six year terms because the General Assembly simply refused to make the appointments Gov. Perdue submitted in 2011 even though the constitution says the House and Senate SHALL meet in joint session to consider them.

The Republican legislative leadership ignored the constitution and held the appointments hoping that their candidate would win the governor's mansion. McCrory gets his three regular appointments in March, which means he will control a majority of the State Board.

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