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McCrory faces criticism from rival for his response to Goldman controversy

Pat McCrory, who campaigned Saturday with Republican state auditor candidate Debra Goldman, is now facing criticism from Democrats about his response to the controversy engulfing her candidacy.

“Pat believes that the timing of this story, coming after voting has already started, and its basis from a stolen police report, to be troubling,” Brian Nick, McCrory’s spokesman said Monday. “If the allegations are based on facts, Pat hopes that the folks involved are able to tend to these matters, and his prayers are with the families impacted.”

In essence, McCrory -- who highlights Democratic scandals in Raleigh at every opportunity in his campaign to "clean up" Raleigh -- seemed to criticize the media but avoid commenting on the substance in the allegations. His campaign didn't answer a question about whether he would vote for Goldman.

The comment brought a sharp retort from the camp of his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton. “Pat McCrory seems to have blinders when it comes to Republican scandals,” said Schorr Johnson, a Dalton spokesman. “McCrory campaigned with Debra Goldman on Saturday and owes the voters an explanation about the kind of candidate he wants as the taxpayers’ watchdog. Walter Dalton supports Beth Wood for State Auditor.”


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Sadly, i9n 14 days....

... EVERYONE is going to start saying the same thing WilmingtonDem is saying, mountainman. His allegations are not coming out of the ether. McCrory is going to bring a lot of conflicts of interest to the office of Governor. if voters did not pay attention before the election, you can bet they will when he starts appointing industry cronies to the very boards that are supposed to regulate them.


Sometimes people just have to learn the hard way. Pat McCrory is looking like one of those instances.

reply though it doesn't deserve a reply

In 14 days you will at long last finally be silent. Whoever wins, whoever loses maybe you will shut your lying mouth. Of all the stuff I read on the internet, you and that constant barrage of talking point attacks against McCrory is the most pathetic. You must be so proud.

Maybe Deborah Godlman can go

Maybe Deborah Godlman can go to work for Speaker Tillis. She sure has the qualifications.

Dalton's scandals?

Let's not forget Dalton's direct & close ties with lobbyists & questionable activities that demonstrate he is just like Bev & Easley:

- Sponsors bill that benefits billboard companies and part of his payoff is golf at Augusta National.  Just more "Pay to Play" politics?  Where's the press?

- Dalton's daughter is rated the 3rd most powerful lobbyist in the state.  I wonder why?  Where's the press?

- Dalton & Bev may have raided the Teachers Retirement Fund the last 2 years to balance the budget.  uhm...

Democratic Scandals in

Democratic Scandals in Raleigh?

The GOP Party of Family Values are ten times worst. The top staffers for GOP Speaker Tillis who are paid $150K a year both sleeping with married lobbyists while making decisions on legislation affecting the lobbyists clients.

GOP House Leader Laroque embelles millions of federal stimulus money and uses some of it to buy his girlfriend fabegeg eggs.


And there is Myers Park Pat campaigning for Deborah Goldman who is having an affair with another married Republican school board member. Myers Park Pat vouching for her judgment - saying she should be our State Auditor! Myers Park Pat saying this women should be the State Accountant - Now that's judgement.

You could write a great book about the GOP - Party of Family Values!



How is this a scandal.The real scandal is the stolen police report and the N&O publishing its contents.It is the same as the hacking scandal in England.I propose the NC Legislature conduct an investigation as to how a police report was stolen and then published.Looks to me like a clear case of hacking and libel.

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