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McCrory down, Obama, Hagan up in new NC poll

Gov. Pat McCrory has seen some erosion in his support, but is still liked by most voters, according to a new poll.

McCrory is favored by 49 percent of voters, but is viewed unfavorably by 32 percent, according to a new survey conducted for The Civitas institute, a conservative advocacy group based in Raleigh. That is a slippage from March, when McCrory, a Republican, was viewed favorably by 56 percent and unfavorably by 25 percent.

The spin:" It is inevitable that a governor gets some some heat," said Francis DeLuca, Civitas institute president. "Note that at roughly the same point in her term as governor, Bev Perdue had a 36-38 favorable/unfavorable ring. McCrory retains a favorable image in the minds of voters.''

The poll also found that Sen. Kay Hagan, a Democrat who faces re-election next year, had a favorable rating of 42 percent and unfavorable rating of 28 percent. That is a slight improvement from March, when she had a 41/31 favorable/unfavorable rating.

President Barack Obama's numbers have also improved. He had a favorable/unfavorable rating of 49/47 percent. That compares to a 45/52 percent rating in March.

The poll of 600 registered voters in North Carolina was conducted June 18-19 by National Research Inc. of Holmdel, NJ and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.


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Senator Hagan

Senator Hagan's poll numbers will continue rising, until a candidate who can win, enters the race! Jim Cain is the most electable Republican, and can win!

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