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McCrory changes language to urge UNC system change

Gov. Pat McCrory told the UNC Board of Governors on Thursday that the status quo is no longer acceptable in the operation and funding of education in North Carolina.

“My goal is to continue to have the brand of our university system be the first rate brand in the nation and in the world,” he said. “It’s going to be crucial to our economic development, but that also means we’ve got to change some things. And that’s not change for the sake of change. It’s change just like the private sector has to do with their customers and their products every single day.”

McCrory did not echo the criticisms of liberal arts programs that he had made on a conservative radio talk show a few months ago. His previous comments ignited outrage among faculty, prompting letters, petitions and an invitation to meet with professors.

Education is for two purposes, McCrory stressed – exercising the brain and using knowledge to apply toward a career. But he said universities must adjust enrollment to meet market needs. He cited a hypothetical example of campuses producing too many lawyers and not enough engineers. More here.

--Jane Stancill, staff writer

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