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McCrory boasts clean campaign to MSNBC's Chuck Todd

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Governor-elect Pat McCrory kicked off his first victory lap this morning with a phone-in appearance on MSNBC's The Daily Rundown. He bragged that "our campaign did not run one negative TV or radio ad against our opponent," and he offered a word of advice for the national GOP.

"Most of it's tone," he told host Chuck Todd. "I didn't change my philosophy. I didn't change my vision and my strategy, but I made sure we had a positive tone that was appealing not just to Republicans but to Democrats and independents." 


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really? the democrats loved him in charlotte

he was elected SEVEN TIME MAYOR in the BIGGEST DEMOCRAT CITY in the state!

he can't be TOO fact, call it the Romney complex.

Just the beginning

Just the beginning of the deception that is Pat McCrory.  The biggest deception is the one perpetrated on Pat himself, letting him think he will actually be in charge. 

he sure is starting quickly with the lies

Not only did his campaign run a negative ad against Dalton, not to mention some heinous mailers, the PACS backing him with millions in outside money flooded the airwaves and mailboxes of NC with horrible attack ads and I do not recall him publicly calling for them to desist. He seemed more than willing to let them do his dirty work.

Sorry, Pat -- you don't get to take credit for a clean campaign. Only a well-financed one.

If this is an example of McCrory's grasp of the truth, we are in for a very long four years.

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