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McCrory attacks Perdue's 'elitism'

Pat McCrory is making elitism an issue.

At a debate on WRAL tonight, the Republican gubernatorial candidate argued that Democrat Beverly Perdue's views on education are elitist.

He said that her statement that she wants students to aim higher than technical college is elitist.

"I don't look down at plumbers," he said. "I don't look down at mechanics or electricians or people (who) put down my wood floors. These people frankly make more money than I do and they deserve it because they have a greater talent than I do. ... We ought to respect them for learning a skill and a trade."

He charged that Perdue's approach is part of "the elitism that has taken over government."


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Re: McCrory attacks Perdue's 'elitism'

Did I miss something? Wasn't this part of the debate originally about private school vouchers?

McCrory, with the aid of the intrepid WRAL crew, did a fantastic job of steering the discussion away from the "elitism" of abandoning the public school system. His solution to the dropout rate is basically: public schools are broken and can't be fixed, so we need to rescue the ones who deserve rescuing, and let the rest of them sink.

And I'll tell you something else, Ryan. I would love for you to analyze the debate some more, and examine the way the moderators badgered and interrupted Perdue while allowing McCrory to babble on. For those who did not watch the debate, it might provide a little context for these quotes you're publishing.

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