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McCrory approval margin shrinks in latest PPP poll

As his term nears the sixth-month mark, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory's approval rating is at its lowest point so far.

A new poll finds 45 percent approve of his job performance and 39 percent disapprove, a slight decline from the previous month when 48 percent approved, according to Public Policy Polling, a Raleigh-based Democratic firm. The poll's margin of error is 4.4 percentage points.

But the Republican's +6 percent approval margin is his lowest, down from +10 in May and +26 when he took office in January, the survey found. "A big reason why McCrory won so easily last fall was a lot of crossover support from Democrats but that's dissipating -- in April he was at 31(approve)/ 53 (disapprove) with them, now it's 24/60," wrote pollster Tom Jensen in explaining the results.

McCrory's marks still remain better than the state legislature, according to the automated poll of voters conducted June 12-14. As a whole, only two in 10 people approve of the legislature's performance so far and more than half -- 56 percent -- disapprove. Another 23 percent are undecided. The opposition crosses party lines, with Democrats more upset but Republicans, too, disapproving of a chamber led by their party. The approval numbers are down from May.

The Republican and Democratic lawmakers, when polled separately, get slightly more favorable reviews. But neither the House nor Senate budget get high marks with about half of voters disapproving of each.

Another interesting result: 67 percent of those polled opposed the decision to arrest a Charlotte Observer reporter covering the Moral Monday protests last week, with 12 percent supporting and 21 percent unsure.


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One and done

Or will Bev be moving back in?

One and done


Since you know that McCrory will be one and done would you share with us who will be moving into the Governor's Mansion. I would think that the most recognizable Democrat at the moment is Rev. Barber. Second would probably be Chairman Voller. Will it be one of these two or will it be someone else? Please enlighten us. Thanks.

One and Done

I am an independent voter and voted for Pat Mc and the republican candidates this past November. The legislature is out of control. Egos have displaced common sense. Greed for power in the General Assembly will drag Governor Pat down. Senator Berger is his biggest thorn and Speaker Tillis can't keep the House in line despite his best efforts. Special interest groups have quickly lined the pockets of the party in control.

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