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McCrory and his dog: Bo/Mo

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory has launched a new website, featuring his dog, Bo or Mo, whatever his name is.

It's not quite clear, because McCrory first seems to call him Bo at the beginning of the video and then twice calls him Mo at the end.

While McCrory stops short of announcing for governor, he does say he will have announcement soon and adds: "Mo might want to move to Raleigh."

If the video does not play for you click here.


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Yes, Pulitzer prize for

Yes, Pulitzer prize for Christiensen for breaking this story!

Bo/Mo looks glum

Not only does McCrory have problems remembering the name of his beloved dog, he looks like a fool.  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, what is it?  A foolish duck that thinks he ought to be the next governor of North Carolina.  And, Bo/Mo didn't like the idea at all, either.

The Pulitzer

If Rob does not win the Pulitzer for this scoop then we should all protest.  What a real piece of investigative journalism.  This ranks up there with breaking the Watergate Scandal.  I imagine that Pat will withdraw soon and ask that we make Dumplin' the Queen. 

Note:  The N & O should keep us posted so that we can all go to the ceremony when Rob accepts his Pulitizer.  Thanks.

Get a life Bev and Rob

Is this how bev and her cronies at the N&O are trying to bring down McCrory? You are really grasping at straws. Heck, I can't tell you how many times I call my kids by the wrong name each day. You all are scared....

He says Mo the first time too

I'm not the world's biggest fan of Pat, but I listened to the first part five times, and while he kind of overmouths it or something, he calls him Mo the first time too.

They are not exploiting him

Like Pat is with the dog whose name he can't remember.

What's Obama's Dog's Name?

Speaking of dogs how's Obama's dog doing these days, and what's Obama's dog's name?  Obama, Michelle, and the children took months to adopt a dog, and I've not seen the mutt since.  Why can't the news media chase down a story on the first family's dog?

Big difference

in mispronoucing 'hurriken', and getting supposedly your beloved family Pets name wrong.

Just a reminder to remember everything out of his mouth is poll tested and a fraud.

Rob showing his true colors

I remember sitting in my home not too long ago and during one of those dangerous storms that dumps lots of rain and delivers forceful winds and having to listen to my Governor continuously butcher the word hurricane on national tv.  

Where was your article about Governor Perdue pronounsication of "hurriken" as opposed to hurricane? 

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