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McCrory adopts The Who song for his campaign: 'Won't Get Fooled Again'

Expect to hear this song again -- and often. At this announcement, Republican Pat McCrory debuted The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" as his campaign theme song.

The title and lyrics provided McCrory a fitting political refrain for his speech in Greensboro. No word on whether singer Pete Townshend approves -- as other candidates, including Newt Gingrich, have recently found trouble in using popular songs in their campaigns.

The Who's song is also used by the popular TV show CSI: Miami. And warning: it's catchy. Click the above video with caution.


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Bowles song

Probably "He is Risen."

Overly Optimistic

How will Erskine perform as you described? He definitely would make the gubernatorial race competitive. However, I highly doubt he wins it by 10 points and no matter who the Democratic gubernatorial nominee is, Obama won't easily win the state. Claiming the GA will go back to the Dems is very dubious because the GOP controlled state legislature gerrymandered the seats to favor Republicans. Many Dems were double-bunked, open seats were created for Republicans, and Republican seats were strengthened.

Erskine will win the gov

Erskine will win the gov race by 10 points and will easily deliver the state to Obama in Nov. He will also bring the GA back to the Dems. It is all over for repubs in NC for 8 years.

Roger Daltrey is the singer

Roger Daltrey is the singer of The Who, not Pete Townsend.  Townsend is the guitarist.

How tonedeaf can McCrory be?  HAs he bothered to listen to the lyrics?


If Erskine Bowles gets in, what impact will that have on the Democratic field? I'm assuming Walter Dalton stays in the race because he's a statewide elected official and Bill Faison does because of his cantankerous nature. Maybe Bowles' candidacy would keep other candidates out of the race like Congressman Brad Miller, former Congressman Bob Etheridge, and former North Carolina State Treasurer Richard Morgan. I think a runoff for the Democratic candidates is less likely if Bowles runs. Regardless, there will probably still be a contentious Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Hilariously tone-deaf.

"Meet the new boss - same as the old boss."

Almost, but not quite, as tone-deaf as using "Born in the USA" as a campaign rally theme song.  No one listens to the lyrics, apparently.

Erskine's in?

Knowledgeable sources say Erskine is in...wonder when we'll hear something official?

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