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McCrory administration backs down from pink-striped licenses

After weeks of criticism from civil rights lawyers and immigrant advocates, the state Division of Motor Vehicles revealed Thursday that it has removed an unpopular pink stripe from the design of driver’s licenses that will be issued, starting next week, to young immigrants in a federal program that postpones their deportation.

The new design has the same color scheme and design of a standard license, but with added language in red ink that says: “LEGAL PRESENCE / NO LAWFUL STATUS” and “LIMITED TERM.”

A spokesman refused to discuss or even acknowledge the criticism of the original design. He said the change made it easier for the DMV to produce the new licenses more efficiently. The design will be similar to those of other licenses issued for limited duration to groups such as visiting students and agriculture workers. Full story here.


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rational thought?

They do realize, don't they, that "LEGAL PRESENCE / NO LAWFUL STATUS” is mutually exclusive? An inherent contradiction? Perhaps that defines their entire platform?

Hmmm..or are they confusing a "/" with a ":"?

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