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Mayors group sought corporate sponsors

A mayors group led by Pat McCrory sought out corporate sponsors.

The Republican Mayors and Local Officials 527 advocacy group, which the Republican gubernatorial candidate led from 2000 to 2005, advertised for corporate sponsors on its Web site.

"Wanted: Corporate sponsors," read one page

"The RMLO hallmark of promoting local governance and partnering with other elected officials at all levels is also extended to those who share RMLO's ideals, including Corporate Sponsors," McCrory wrote in a welcome message on the group's Web site.

Annual sponsorships cost $5,000.

Based on tax forms filed with the Internal Revenue Service, the following groups contributed in 2003: the American Trucking Association and the International Council of Shopping Centers each gave $5,000 and the Bond Market Association contributed $10,000.

In 2005, the shopping centers council, the American Petroleum Institute and the Edison Electric Institute each gave $5,000 and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association gave $10,000.

Other corporate sponsors listed on the group's Web site in 2003 include: the American Chemistry Association, AT&T, Anheuser-Busch, DaimlerChrysler, Fannie Mae, Goldman Sachs, the National Rifle Association and Waste Management.

That and other pages are no longer available online, as the group appears to have let its Web site registration expire in September of 2003. The address was then briefly used by an outside company to advertise Internet porn (NSFW) and is now defunct.

They can be viewed on the Wayback Machine, an Internet archive. 


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Re: Say what?


Hey RTB, maybe you could have a caricature done and posted here that would become your 'trademark' ... seriously. lolol>>>

Re: Say what?

I enjoy reading the differing views presented on "Under the Dome" and think Ryan does an exceptional job. His reporting from the Obama event in Greensboro was interesting and timely. I read where McClatchy has an ethics policy. What does it say about employee photographs? I enjoy the Dome so much I wanted to get an autographed photo of Ryan for my office. Is that possible, and if so, what is the cost? I called the front desk this morning but the young lady who answered the phone was laughing so hard I could not understand her. I called back and made the request to another person but he cursed at me and then hung up.

I'm sure this is a frequent request but the front desk personnel must be new. Let me know.

Re: Say what?

Um, no. That's why it's called research. You go out and do some digging and ask some questions and then you see what you have.

The difference with the blog is that I share what I find as I'm finding it. I know that throws some of you off, since you seem to think that asking questions is biased, but it's what I do for a living.

Thanks for reading!


Say what?

Maybe there's something there, maybe there's not?

RTB, could you elaborate on what that something might be?

Re: Mayors group sought corporate sponsors


You must be doing something right...both sides seem to be mad! Why wouldn't we want to know what's going on?

Re: The tone of your pitch

Earlier this year, I did a series of posts on the N.C. Military Foundation, a nonprofit associated with Beverly Perdue.

I think if someone is running for governor, we ought to explore things they've done. Maybe there's something there, maybe not. 

Hope that clears things up.


The tone of your pitch

Is there a tone here?:

"the perdue campaign is feeding me this........"

Just asking

Re: Mayors group sought corporate sponsors

Its alot more appropriate to seek 'Corporate Sponsors' for an advocacy group than it is to expect and demand $$$ from the good ole boy democrackkks across the state who remain anonymous and feed the corruption under the table thereby forcing the highest taxes and most gluttonous spending in the Southeast! Its what 100+ years of democrat domination brings us. STRIVE to be SMARTER than a NC democrackkk!

Re: What is the point?

Amen, Jim Blaine. There appears to be no story here other than Ryan accepts, without questions, any thing from Perdue's campaign.

How about instead demanding that Beverly report what Sewell is responsible for in terms of contributions and then demand that they be returned. Just because the Ethics Commission , which is controlled by folks that contribute to Beverly's campaign, has dropped the investigation, the amount of contributions that he is responsible for should be the real story. Bottom line, you don't have to go very deep for Beverly's dirt. Just start reporting it...

Fess up Beverly! Why do quiet?

What is the point?


The tone of these posts seems to indicate McCrory has done something wrong or is involved in something devious or shady.

Instead of implying this, why don't you come out and say what the problem is or at least say, "the perdue campaign is feeding me this and they think there is a conflict of interest because xxx".

Conversely, is it possible that this group has been around for awhile and is a relatively tame organization that actually works to promote the interests of the Mayors?

Has Perdue been involved in any similar groups? Lt. Gov Association? Legislators' group? Base closure groups?

Or perhaps the Association of Scandal-ridden politicos or The Goverment Coverup Conference?

Just asking...

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