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Mavretic's interview about Perdue

An interview with former House Speaker Joe Mavretic about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beverly Perdue on the "Talk of the Town" show with Henry Hinton from earlier this year.


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Re: Mavretic's interview about Perdue

Damage control begins from the Perdue camp.

At the very least, Perdue and Mavretic are cut from the same cloth as they are both democrats and both have questionable morals and ethics. I see a common theme here. Break up the domination of democrats in Raleigh!

I don't trust either of them.

Mavretic, the lying coward

Mavretic is just an grumpy old man still mad that Perdue didn't vote for him when he ran against Liston Ramsey for Speaker in 1989.

For Joe Mavretic to call anybody in politics a liar or not good to their word is absurd.

Anybody ask Mavretic if he stabbed former Rep. Jack Hunt in the back - on the same day Perdue voted against Mavretic?

Hunt asked Mavretic to nominate him for Speaker Pro Tem. Mavretic agreed. And lied to Hunt's face.

Joe, you lying coward, fess up to your own political lies before casting aspersions on anyone who still has the guts to be in the game - even if she is a woman who had the courage to stand up to you.

Re: Mavretic's interview about Perdue

Useless comments from a guy who deserted the county he represented for his own political game. Divorced his millionaire wife who got him his political status and ran off with a lobbyist. Gee...can't Henry Hinton get someone respected on his show.

Re: Andy & Opie did not respect..

I'm staggered just trying to picture Perdue and Otis sharing a cell.

Andy & Opie did not respect..

Andy and Opie did not have any respect for liars or folks you could not trust. They probably had less respect for those that took personal advantage of their offices. Do you think that Andy is reconsidering his endorsement of Negative Bev as he does not want Opie coming to him asking, "Pa, what does corrupt mean?". To teach Beverly a lesson, he might have to stick her in the jail one night with Otis.

Re: Mavretic's interview about Perdue

Thanks Ryan as voters across the state need to understand who Perdue really is. As well as what she is NOT - a leader that can help solve the many problems facing this entire state.

If you would like to listen to the entire tape, you would hear other comments like:
- Her negative campaign reflects the character of the candidate (Perdue)
- She used a surrogate to destroy Moore during the primary and after the primary the accusations were found to be untrue
(pay particular attention to the 3:25 to 6:20 minute time period)

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