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Mary Matalin makes PETA video aimed at NC's ag-gag bill

Republican political pundit Mary Matalin has made a video for – are you ready? – PETA.

“You may be wondering what a meat-eating conservative Republican like me is doing in a PETA video,” Matalin says in the three-minute piece.

Well, yes, we are.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is sending the video to lawmakers in states considering so-called “ag-gag” bills, which are aimed at preventing undercover whistleblowers from exposing inhumane conditions. In North Carolina, Sen. Brent Jackson – a Republican farmer representing parts of Johnston, Duplin and Sampson counties – introduced SB648, which appears dead for the session.

Regardless, the video is being sent to North Carolina legislators. Similar bills have cropped up in other states, without much success, according to PETA.

Matalin’s video shows graphically violent clips of animal abuse. If you have the stomach for it, here it is.


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Cruelty to Animals is an American Pandemic

Well, it's about time that Mary Matalin awakened from her slumber about cruelty to animals. When she went to high school, didn't she read Sinclair Lewis's book, The Jungle? Didn't she any number of specials on American television about the savage and brutal treatment of animals in the US meat industry? That said, it is good that finally one conservative neocon has gone on the record to protest the inhumane treatment of animals. She and her husband James Carville should become the poster children for the conservative campaign against the atrocious Ag-Gag bills that attempt to cover-up this shocking scandal that is a plague in the American meat industry.

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