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'Mary Kay' politics

Wake Up America thinks there's good politics to be found in Mary Kay, Amway or Tupperware parties.

The organization, which is seeking to be a national conservative answer to, is offering to pay commissions to volunteers who recruit more volunteers and raise money.

In short, the group is building a multi-level marketing pyramid. The commissions wouldn't likely amount to a whole lot of money, but would be intended to help compensate volunteers for their time and effort.

"We're not offering any pink Cadillacs," said state Sen. Andrew Brock, a Mocksville Republican, a reference to the Mary Kay cosmetics sales prize. "We're wanting to grow and not get rich."

The commission rate has not yet been determined, Brock said.


Wake Up America's goal is to have local captains, called Wakers, working on issues and recruiting volunteers and donors. The parent organization would help local Wakers put together television or print ads, mail campaigns or develop messages on issues of the day.

Wakers would earn commissions for not only the money they raise, but money raised by the people they recruited to raise money and so on, Brock said.

North Carolina has strict laws governing multi-level marketing, Brock said.

"It makes sure this organization is completely clean, not only here, but when we take it across the nation," he said.

The goal is to eventually expand into key presidential primary states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. The organization is reaching into South Carolina now.

Since the organization ran a television ad decrying corruption among Democrats, about 600 people have signed up to help, Brock said.

Hat tip: Gary Pearce


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Republican Ponzi idiot at work?

In short, the group is building a multi-level marketing pyramid.* Story

WOW! A Republican Madoff Ponzi scam in reverse! I guess he is just copying the Federal Reserve System and fiquring he will make it a Republican myth Paradise

Re: 'Mary Kay' politics

paid volunteer recruitment? sounds a lot like ACORN to me.

Re: 'Mary Kay' politics

this clever idea would be WAY more exciting if it were for an alternative
group, instead of republicannots. its just not selling anymore. demopublicans have ruined us...the rEVOLution builds..

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