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Marshall's office inundated with calls

Listeners of Rush Radio 106.1 WRDU-FM have been jamming the telephones of Secretary of State Elaine Marshall's office urging her to stay out of the 2nd District congressional recount, saying she is too partisan.

One problem. North Carolina's secretary of state – unlike secretary of state offices in some other states -- has nothing to do with  running elections or recounts. Here, it is handled by the State Board of Elections.

Marshall has twice called the station to inform them that she is not involved, according to Sam Swartz, her campaign spokesman.

Democratic Rep. Bob Etheridge has called for a recount after trailing GOP challenger Renee Ellmers in Tuesday's election.


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R.I.P. facts b. Beginning of time - d. Nov. 2, 2010

The Republican attack on reality continues!

The least they could do is pull their old tricks, and ask "What's the frequency, Keneth?"

Or does that only apply to members of the news media?

I can see Idiocracy 2012 from my house!!!eleven!!!

Remember when WRDU played music?

Good times.

Wonder what Steve and Kevin from the morning show are doing now.

And speaking of Rush Radio, what's up with all the identity theft commercials? I mean really. Even ditto heads want to be someone else. Why would they think anyone wants to be them?

Alllllllllarm Force.


...and I just hope it is the "Vote" and NOT the "Count" that decides the election.

Directors and Deputy Directors of the various county BOE's

Now, with respect to the provisional ballots and canvassing it's these people who matter most. And, if a recount, they are the ones ultimately responsible for ol' Zeno's "count."

Just Wondering?

Does truth and accuracy even matter anymore?  This says a lot about the broadcaster and those who do what he tells them.

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