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Manufacturers: Cut machinery tax

North Carolina manufacturers want to pay less tax on the equipment and machinery they buy, according to a poll commissioned by a business group.

Lew Ebert, president of the N.C. Chamber, said lowering or eliminating the tax could become one of business leaders' top requests of state legislators, David Ingram reports.

"If we want to continue to be a competitive state, we'll have to look at that closely," Ebert said at a meeting of manufacturers at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro.

Otherwise, Ebert said, "we become the state where old equipment comes to die. That's not the kind of business model you want to be a part of."

In a survey of 300 manufacturing executives and owners statewide, respondents cited the tax on machinery more than any other tax they would like to see lowered, Ebert said. Close behind was the tax on real estate, followed by the taxes on corporate income and motor fuels.

"This kind of data helps us make the case for business in the state capital," Ebert said.


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Re: Manufacturers: Cut machinery tax

NC taxes are what is driving companies to our border states! enough of this democrackkk oppression!

Re: Manufacturers: Cut machinery tax

The tax on manufacturing machinery is only 1% with an $ 80.00 cap. Therby any piece of manufacturing equipment over $ 8,000 is capped at the $80.00.


Companies want taxes cut in their specific industries. Imagine that.

But wait a minute. Ebert said "continue to be a competitive state." I thought the JLF crowd has already determined that we're NOT a competitive state already.

Which is it?

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