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Luddy tells Congress that regs hurting job growth

Raleigh businessman Bob Luddy told the House Judiciary Committee Thursday that excessive regulation was hurting job creation.

“Over the last several decades, the number, scope and burden of federal regulation have expanded exponentially,” Luddy told the committee. “Multiple studies have shown that America's regulatory infrastructure costs the U.S. Economy anywhere from hundreds of billions of dollars to over $1 trillion.''

Lisa Heinzerling, a law professor at Georgetown University, disputed Luddy's testimony.

“You have the power to undo any rule you want,” Heinzerling said to Luddy and the committee Republicans.

Luddy replied: “A small-business person doesn't have the resources to talk to the federal government. It's too vast.''

Luddy started CaptiveAire Systems which employs 700 people.


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Can't you just take your Tea

Can't you just take your Tea Party nonsense, and money, and go away please.

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