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Lt. Gov. Forest backs McCrory on immigration bill veto

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest on Friday announced he supports Gov. Pat McCrory's veto of H.B. 786, the immigration bill.

Forest sent out a news release acknowledging the General Assembly can muster enough votes to override the veto when it convenes for a veto session on Tuesday. "But I respectfully ask that they do not do so," Forest said.

The lieutenant governor's opposition to the bill is the same as the governor's -- that it carves out a loophole that would allow employers other than in the agricultural industry to classify some workers as seasonal for a much longer time than is permitted under current law.

The loophole "will be exploited by some unscrupulous employers to reclassify non-agricultural workers as 'seasonal' for the purposes of evading the E-Verify law," Forest said.

Forest said the legislature could accept the veto and fix the loophole in a bill next year. He noted that as president of the Senate he can't vote unless there is a tie -- which will not be the case on this veto vote. But if he could he would vote to uphold the veto.


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