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Low-key endorsements for Obama

Both Beverly Perdue and Richard Moore issued low-key endorsements for Barack Obama.

In both cases, the Democratic gubernatorial candidates spoke with reporters for the Charlotte Observer, rather than, say, sending a press release to the entire press corps.

On the hierarchy of endorsements, that makes them pretty low key.

Moore went a little further than Perdue, with his wife, Noel, giving a donation as well. 

Farther up the hierarchy: Sending a targeted mailing to certain regions or demographic groups, sending a wider mailing, holding a press conference to announce an endorsement and stumping for the candidate.

Former Gov. Jim Hunt and then U.S. Sen. Terry Sanford, for example, held a press conference to announce their support for Al Gore in the 1988 primary. 

But neither was up for election. Both Perdue and Moore are trying to thread the needle by gaining the benefits of endorsing Obama without drawing the ire of Hillary Clinton supporters.


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Re: Low-key endorsements for Obama

Please Please I am begging you stop using the race card no one says anything about race when a white man is running these are human beings who believe that within themselves they have the qualities and leadership skills to turn this country around. The question you should post and ask Everyone is why have we not had a minority or female president and its 2008 when its over 1 million of minorities and females in our society surely out of all of them there is is some minority or women who can do the job,they do everything else. A job as huge as the presidency you don't look at skin color and ask why are you running you look at character, background. I have never heard the race card an any election directed toward the canidate except this one. He is a man running for the white house hoping to make a difference.. He is a man He is a man She is a woman He is a man a man a man a man a a man a human being. We can not help what color we are born with, nor do we depend on it to make decision eat,or breath.

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