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Looking for support

An effort this week to help drum up interest in a bill to support past victims of forced sterilization in the state had an unfortunate opening line.

“Good Morning Eugenics Supporters,” read the e-mail sent from Rep. Larry Womble’s office.

Womble, a Winston-Salem Democrat, has been a longtime supporter of reparations for the more than 7,600 estimated people who were sterilized in the state’s former eugenics program. He also is a key sponsor of a bill calling for, among other things, the development of counseling services for eugenics victims, reports April Bethea of The Charlotte Observer.

That bill will be heard Tuesday by the House Education committee. The e-mail urged recipients to attend the meeting to show their support.

Tiffany Jones, an intern in Womble’s office who sent the e-mail, said the message was meant to notify bill supporters and the media that it was on the calendar.

She said the opening line hadn’t drawn any complaints, but noted “it wasn’t intended to offend anyone.”


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Re: Looking for support

"“Good Morning Eugenics Supporters,” read the e-mail sent from Rep. Larry Womble’s office.'

Reminds me of a fundraising appeal where the caller said he was raising money "for cancer". I told him that I would prefer to give money "against cancer.". It turned out he was raising money for the American Cancer Society and was using shorthanded speech to describe his cause.

I have often heard similar shorthanded misuses of "for"

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