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Long not running for re-election

Jim LongJim Long will not run for re-election.

The longtime Democratic insurance commissioner will not seek a seventh term in office.

Wayne Goodwin, a former four-term state representative and failed candidate for labor commissioner in 2004, filed today to replace Long, shortly before the noon deadline.

He was accompanied to the State Board of Elections by Long and by his wife, state Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin, a Richmond County Democrat.

When asked about his failure to file so far, Long spokeswoman Chrissy Pearson said Wednesday that Long intended to file for re-election on Friday.

Long, 67, was first elected insurance commissioner in 1986. He is the longest-serving member of the Council of State.

"I felt it was time to 'pass the torch' to a new generation of leadership for the Department," Long wrote in an e-mail to supporters.

Update: Former Raleigh City Councilman John Odom has also filed.


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Re: Long not running for re-election

I agree. Why not use "unsuccessful" instead of "failed"? "Failed", though technically accurate, seems a little subjective for a news reporter. Even "lost" sounds better and more objective than "failed." By the way, Wayne Goodwin ran a terrific campaign in 2004, and had a fantastic campaign team. He campaigned in every county (unlike his opponent), had bipartisan support, and outfundraised his opponent, who happened to be the only statewide incumbent Republican at the time. But for the less-than-expected percentages for the Kerry-Edwards presidential campaign in NC, then Goodwin and several of the down-ballot Council of State races would have reversed in 2004 and been in the Democratic column.

Re: Long not running for re-election

We can only guess who and how many would have filed to run if Long had made this announcement in the clear and before the start of the filing season instead in its final hours.

"By" Jove

I think you're right. I withdraw my confusion. (It was pretty funny though.)

Re: Ha!

I thought the second "by" in "accompanied by Long and by his wife" made it clear that it was not Long's wife. It may be ungrammatical, but there was a logic to it.

— RTB 


I thought the same thing. Looks like the editor elves at the Doom are spread a little thin these days.

Re: Long not running for re-election

Oops--Make that "too crazy" in my previous post on "failed" candidates. See, this just goes to show you how important editors are--even ones who work for The N&O.


Re: Long not running for re-election

Speaking of editing, I'm not to crazy over the use of "failed" as an adjective for a candidate who has previously sought public office and not been elected. If we could do our Katie Couric impression for a moment:

"Guys, it sounds a, perjorative, huh?"

Plus we should always remember: it's the voters who are the winners in our elective system of republican democracy because the candidates listed on the ballot are there to offer the citizens a choice so that the people can decide who serves in each public office rather than just the candidates themselves.

Sorry, party wheelhorses!

But you can't help but note the absence of Insurance Commissioner Jim Long from the 2008 race: A Council of State election without Jim Long on the ballot is like stock car race two or three pit crews missing.

David P. McKnight

Re: Long not running for re-election

Very good choice! We will miss Commissioner Long but Wayne Goodwin will continue Jim Long's fight to keep our insurance rates low and to keep the insurance companies in check!

Re: Long not running for re-election

Thanks. Fixed.

— RTB 

Re: Long not running for re-election

Might want to edit this one, Dome. It should be Wayne Goodwin on the first reference.

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