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Lobbyist: A session for streamlining

Theresa Kostrzewa says this will be a year for streamlining.

The Raleigh lobbyist said that in a tight budget year, legislators will be looking for ways to show their constituents they're working hard that don't involve spending a lot of money.

In particular, she thought that there may be less resistance to reorganizing state government programs to make them more efficient.

Kostrzewa, who represents the Distilled Spirits Council, said she thinks the legislature may be more likely to act on a recommendation from the Program Evaluation Division to modernize the state's Alcohol Beverage Control system.

"Down economic times can be an opportunity to make changes you wouldn't otherwise make," she said. "It would behoove everybody to be as efficient as possible, because if they don't cut it themselves, somebody's going to cut it for them."

Kostrzewa said she also expects legislation that doesn't directly cost government money— such as further restrictions on smoking in public places — will get much more consideration this year.


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Re: Lobbyist: A session for streamlining

Hopefully Senator Boseman is not streamlining costs anymore by renting out the basement of this lobbyists home. Sorry, couldn't resist since you have an article about each of them on the same page.

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