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Libertarian gov candidate shred marriage license to protest Amendment One

Barbara Howe, the Libertarian candidate for governor, and her husband Tom, will shred their marriage license this morning in front of the Legislative Building to protest passage of Amendment One.

“I am just heart sick that the people of North Carolina have written discrimination into the Constitution,'' Howe said in a statement. “Constitutions are to limit government, not people. I'll be working on repealing this abomination.''


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A non sequitur

"Constitutions are to limit government, not people." - Barbara Howe


And that's exactly what the Marriage Amendment did ... limit the power of a handful of rogue individuals in government, notably liberal democrat activist judges, in their attempts to force a new definition of marriage on everyone else. Bear in mind that this was a PUBLIC REFERENDUM, meaning that everyone was allowed to vote. You can't get any more democratic than that.

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