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Leno needles cash for grades

Late night host Jay Leno declared a Goldsboro middle school's plans to sell bonus points to raise money for the school his "Outrage of the Week."



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free cell phones

that is just like freakishly rude to say that people who have to have  free cell phones r dummies that is just one of the rudest things i have ever heard because they might be poor and that might be theonly thing they can get and u know u calling them dummies just means that u  will be just like that someday and u will be taking all of  the free stuff that u can get !!!!! : (

my school/rosewood middle

ok umm you need to get your facts straight because rosewood middle school didnot do that. it was a complete misunderstanding of a fundraiser. im not going to let you guys sit there and make fun of my school. before you assume something without using facts think and try not to make a total butthead out of yourself by using reterded assuptions. and goldsboro/rosewood/nc rocks!!!!!!!! you haters needa chill out

my school/ roewood middle school

ok i go to rosewood middle school and umm we did not try to buy our graddes....and it was a simple misunderstanding of a fundraiser that was for a charity. you need to get your facts right. and my grandparents saw this and all of a sudden decided to go and start hating the school i go to. so thanks sooo much.

Re: Leno needles cash for grades

The Goldsbro News Argus is not worth the paper it is written on. Dont know what I would do without the N&O   The Argus also carried scant coverage of the Cherry Hospital horrors.Right in their front yard.

Re: Leno needles cash for grades

Brooklyn,NY is giving free cell phones to the little dummies!

Re: Leno needles cash for grades

This state is a complete joke when it comes to education. Cash for grades? It's like a legalized bribe.

Re: Leno needles cash for grades

Look at the MORON, its not in the triangle DA, Rosewood Middle School is in WAYNE Co. near Goldsboro.

This story has made The N&O, the AP Wire, Internet news and now LENO,

But we have yet to see one word from the "news argus" the Goldsboro paper.
Now that will teach children what money and position can do to control the media, just like obama.

Re: Leno needles cash for grades

Yippee! The Triangle makes national news for looking like morons. We're so proud...not!

Re: Leno needles cash for grades

and Keith Olbermann's "Worst Persons" segment. The pricipal was WP number three last night

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