Under the Dome

Legislative pork...beef, fish, etc.

Rep. Angela Bryant said before she will support more money for the legislative cafeteria, she wants a healthier menu.

The cafeteria's management, though, said they have made progress by cutting transfat and expanding their salad bar.

"I will be standing on my head objecting to an increase (in cafeteria funding) unless there is more low fat and low sodium," said Bryant. The current House budget plan proposes raising prices in the subsidized cafeteria by 10 percent.

Bryant said legislators coping with the cost of various health problems partly tied to diet should clean up their own house.

Kathy Wethington, the cafeteria's supervisor, said the staff is doing healthier cooking, using Smart Balance instead of butter and offering "heart healthy" vegetables on fried chicken day. The lunchroom also features a two-section salad bar, complete with low fat dressings, not to mention the sneeze shield.


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Re: Sorta like the school lunch program......

I wish I worked in that cafeteria.......I would spike the food with enough stuff to keep them on the throne all day.

That way they could still stink up the joint but they wouldn't hurt anybody doing it.

Sorta like the school lunch program......

Top ten comments from imaginary legislators concerning the legislative cafeteria:

10. “We open it to the public so that they can come in and mingle with us. You know that we are pretty big deals and we like to give the common folk a thrill.”
9. “I love this place. It’s so cheap and I have saved so much money on meals that I’m now worth 2 million dollars!”
8. “We subsidize the legislative cafeteria so as to get the legislators to eat here regularly. That way we can spice up their food with saltpeter (potassium nitrate) and thus save the pages.”
7. “What’s wrong with cheap food? McDonalds and Wendys and all them places have a dollar menu. We’re eating on the cheap so that we can show the poor people that we know how it feels......”
6. “Who blew the whistle on the cheap food in the legislative cafeteria. Don’t tell me it was that Three Stooges reporter. What’s his name?…..let’s see…. Moe? Larry? Curly? Yeah….that Curliss or Curls4less or whatever. These reporters need to get a hobby or something. Leave us alone and let us get on with our mandate.”
5. “We’re afraid that if we stop subsidizing the cafeteria then we will not attract such top notch legislators.” (LOL)
4. “This cafeteria was started as a part of the 'No Legislator Left Behind Program' under Speaker Black, I believe.”
3. “We put this in so that the lobbyists could eat here on the cheap. That way they’ll have more to spend wining and dining us. It’s just fantastic the ideas we come up with! Public service sure can be rewarding.”
2. “A cheeseburger with fries may cost $60.00 ‘over there,’ but not here. For $60.00 you could eat here for several sessions and have money left over.”
1. “Read my lips………that ‘naner puddin’ is good…..and it’s homemade!………and cheap too! I don’t know how they do it!”

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