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Legislative committee will look at problems with NC FAST, NC TRACKS

A legislative committee will soon begin looking into problems with the state’s computer programs that allow Medicaid providers to be paid and provide food stamps for the needy.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger said Wednesday that a committee will take up the issues. He said that he has heard from medical practices and hospitals that they have had trouble getting their claims processed.

“It’s something we’re working through,” Berger told reporters after the Senate’s veto session.

The issue came up at the conclusion of the Senate session, when Minority Leader Martin Nesbitt, a Democrat from Asheville, brought up the controversy over a pair of high-paid DHHS employees, and complaints about the state’s NC FAST and NC TRACKS food stamps and Medicaid reimbursement computer systems.

Nesbitt read from an analysis indicating that there have been $1.7 million in raises at the health and human services agency.

Nesbitt said the raises “apparently are not going to the right people” because of the problems with the computer programs – “They’re not fast and they’re not on track,” he added.

Berger said, “Many of us agree, and will tell you these problems are not of our making.” Berger said problems go back to prior administration.

Afterward, Berger told reporters the interim committee will look at the computer issues but not the questions about excessive raises.

“The executive branch does have wide authority and discretion to make determinations about hiring and pay levels, and those kinds of things,” he said. “I’m just not sure that it’s something that rises to the level of the legislature getting deeply involved in the day to day workings.”


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Promised return calls are never made by NC Tracks!

We have been trying to get a higher level representative to call us back since 7/9/13 regarding an updated application we sent in for our taxonomy code change. The application was returned, but no one seems to know why or where it was returned to. Without these answers, we cannot get our proper taxonomy code on file to be able to bill for our services. We have had to hold all billing since July.

We also need to have our issues taken care of for our personal care services as well. They are not paying the proper number of authorized units.

The fact that higher ups make promises to have someone call you and no one does shows that the operations and staff are not very organized or professional.

No matter what the issues, you can still pick up a phone to return a call.

Roni Pidcock

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