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Lee County Dems call on local GOP leader to resign

Democrats in Lee County are making hay of comments a local Republican leader made to a Los Angeles Times reporter.

Charles Staley, chairman of the county GOP, said during a recent interview with Hector Becerra that Republicans are wrongly cast as anti-Latino, anti-Black and for “the rich white man, and not there for the poor people who don’t have a job.”

Staley argued that nothing could be further from the truth, but his reasoning upset county Democratic chairwoman Ann McCracken. 

Said Staley: “Lyndon Baines Johnson gets in there, there’s riots in the streets, so they decide, we need to keep these black people in their place. So, well, one way we can do it is to form this Great Society and make sure everybody gets some money and if they get in trouble, we’ll stop giving them money. That was the foundation of what we call social services. Up unto that point, the black population voted Republican.”

McCracken said in a press release that she doubts most Republicans believe his "offensive view that social services are a means to sway the votes of minorities."

His statement "is untrue and is offensive to Latinos as well as African Americans," McCracken said. "It raises serious questions about what types of people recruit candidates and direct campaigns in our county."

She called on Staley to step aside.

When reached by The News & Observer by phone, Staley said he had not seen McCracken's release. Since being forwarded the release, he has not responded.


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How so?

@mrpoon in what ways sir?

news flash ... left wingers

news flash ... left wingers oppose right.... WOW .. N&O ... glad you were there for us


The dems always use the race card no matter how idiotic.

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