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Lawson to run against Price again

B.J. Lawson, the GOP 4th district congressional candidate,  has signaled that he intends to run a third time against Democratic Rep. David Price.

Lawson said he called Price and while he couldn't get through, he left an email message.

“I congratulated him on winning re-election,” Lawson wrote in an email to supporters.
“Then I told him that while I was willing to concede this election, I am not willing to concede our country. I will see him again in 2012.”

“JoLynn and I are going to spend some much-needed time with the children over the next few weeks, but we are going to be working,” Lawson writes. “Working to fix health care, working to grow our economy, and working to raise the money needed to defeat David Price in 2012.”

Lawson was encouraged that he won 43 percent of the vote Tuesday compared to 37 percent of the vote in 2008.


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Just wait...

B.J. received more votes than most of the other congressmen in NC who won (he got 115,715 - compare that to 91,920 for Ellmers, 112,397 for McIntyre, 88,026 for Kissell, 102,783 for Watt, and 115,127 for Miller).  Given that the Triangle is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, there will no doubt be an additional district drawn to reflect that. 

Dont worry demos

The dems don't need to worry about redistricting for 2012, they like Etheridge will slip up and take care of themselves... the safety net will be gone, no coat tails, no Pelosi, no power and no national money.  Miller and Price are liberal timebombs that are not important enough to the national party in the 2012 bunker to worry about, going forward they are both on there own. Good luck fellas...

Redistricting will help, not hurt, Price

For those who think that redistricting will hurt David Price, take another look at the district maps and think about what the Republican legislature is likely to want.

Given the results of yesterday's election, the Legislature will likely first and foremost want to move Republicans out of Price's district (since he's so popular) and move them into the 2nd District, in order to shore up support for Ellmers (or, if a likely recount somehow puts Etheridge over the top, to take out the obviously-vulnerable Etheridge in 2012).

I suppose it's possible that the Republican leadership might be able to come up with a gerrymander that would survive court challenges, etc., that might ever-so-barely tip Price's district Republican, but, ere I were the Republican leadership, I would first make sure I can grab what's available. For that, moving Republicans out of the 4th and into the 2nd would give me a guaranteed seat.

Sorry, BJ fans; this is a safe Democratic seat. And BJ (he of the Morgan Freeman debacle and Action Solutions garbage polling) isn't going to win.


We can now get those black people out of Congress.

You redistricters are just that. Racists.

"Me name BJ! I run and run and and run again. I R stupid. Vote BJ! I mean who doesn't want one?"

BJ Go get them!

2012 will be a whole new landscape.  With the GOP in control of the NC house and NC senate.  They will hopefully redraw all of the 13 or 14 US congressional maps more to the middle. 

Wake up

To both of you idiots:  in case you hadn't heard, NC Republicans will control the re-districting, so therefore Price won't be able to rely on his gerrymandered liberal support base in Chapel Thrill and Durham anymore.  It's called long overdue payback.


Talked to that awesome "hollywood" producer who's best friends with Morgan Freeman, and he says you're kinda retarded.

You couldn't legislate your way out of a hat. But I totally get why you sent that receptionist 5 grand. Jebus.

She sounds pretty. Dumbass.

Hey to the wife and kids.

I want BJ! I want BJ!

"I send $4 grand to fake asian receptionist at fake Hollywood address with super fake boobs. I think Morgan Freeman works for minimum wage. I R BJ!

And I R running again."

-BJ Nuesome

Lawson is the Harold Stassen of the Republican Party

If B. J. Lawson thinks he can do better than 43% against David Price -- he is simply crazy.  This year he had the Tea Party wave to lift him from 37 to 43%.  Next time, he won't be that lucky.  Lawson loves learning the hard way.  If I were David Price, I would chuckle that Lawson would lead the charge against me in 2012, then I would turn the page and read Doonesbury.

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