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Lawson pledges to serve four terms, or less

B.J. Lawson, the Republican candidate in the state's 4th Congressional district, has pledged to donate $1 million to charity if he breaks his word not to serve more than four terms. Lawson, a medical software entrepreneur, is challenging 11-term Democratic incumbent Rep. David Price.

Lawson announced Tuesday he will sign a term limits pledge with the Alliance for Bonded Term Limits. The non-profit group, based in Pinehurst, bills itself as a grassroots, non-partisan organization dedicated to getting candidates for state and national office to back promises to serve a limited number of terms with a promissory note for a "credible portion of their personal funds."

Of course, before keeping that pledge, a candidate must first be elected. So far, none of the 13 Congressional candidates who have signed with the group have reached that goal.


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How about a lot less -- ZERO

Lawson is desperate.  Signing a term-limits pledge before he is elected is ridiculous -- as if he solely has the power to determine his length of service.  Lawson is so arrogant, I just made up my mind.  I'm voting for David Price.

We can debate the merits of

We can debate the merits of term limits some other time.  But so long as there are not any term limits, I want a Representative who's willing to work his or her way to a leadership position in order to reap the greatest benefit to my district.  It the 4th District is going to always be represented by a junior member of the House, then that's not a very good deal for the 4th District. 

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