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Lawson airing ads against Price

B.J. LawsonA Republican challenger to U.S. Rep. David Price is running T.V. ads thanks to help from Ron Paul.

Cary resident B.J. Lawson has raised more than $460,000 from more than 3,000 individuals in North Carolina and around the country, according to a campaign spokeswoman.

He raised more than $177,000 in a single day of fundraising, thanks in part to an e-mail sent to supporters of Paul, a Texas Congressman and former Republican presidential candidate.

The fundraising success has allowed Lawson to air a television ad, something typically not seen in races against Price, who has represented the heavily liberal district since 1987, losing only one race.

The Lawson campaign is airing the ad, which criticizes Price for supporting the recent Wall Street bailout, on several stations on Time-Warner Cable, including MSNBC, News 14 Carolina and B.E.T., according to campaign media consultant Gail Marold.

"The economy is still crashing," a narrator says. "This election, fire David Price. Vote Lawson for Congress."


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Re: Lawson airing ads against Price

Mr. Lawson is an eager earnest freedom fighter like America's Dr. Ron Paul!

Wish I could send him $1000, right now but we're tapped out to pay HIGH property taxes right now. In NC, its always about trying to get HIGH TAXES paid. What have the NC democrats DONE to US???

Excellent news about Lawson! He's the CHANGE that the 'price' folks desparately NEED!

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