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Lawmakers, educators blast private school corporate tax break bill

A contingent of Democratic lawmakers and education officials held a news conference at the Legislative Building on Wednesday to decry a proposal to give corporations a tax break for contributing money to low-income students to move from public to private schools.

Rep. Rick Glazier, a Democrat from Fayetteville, said Democrats in the House and Senate “will do everything conceivable to fight this bill.” He said it was part of a larger conservative agenda to push private schools that would lead to the “destruction of public education as we know it in North Carolina.”

William Harrison, chairman of the state Board of Education, said the tax-credit bill puts “private interests above the common good” and funnels state money into private enterprise. He said it was part of a progression of legislation that in a few years would lead to offering private school vouchers to everyone.

“We’ve slipped a major policy issue into a budget bill,” Harrison said. “That seems to be the method of doing things in Raleigh these days.”


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"Not Broken?'

Dems  contend our educational system is not broken? Yesterday's Clt Observer article on a UNC professor, being paid $106,000 annual in jail in Argentina on alleged smuggling cocaine charges while he was pursuing a woman he met on the internet, has a history of trying to find women from other countries. And we continue to pay his absurd salary, albeit he is required to teach two courses a year, which he hasn't and hasn't been to any required meetings....hey, I will teach 4 a year for that kind of money. Our educational funds at work, oh boy.This guy has been diagnosed with a personality disorder that prevents him from making normal social $106,000 a year and the UNC system is fighting to contiue his pay while he is imprisioned. Chasing skirts in Argentina on our tax dollars...if that isn't broken, what in a normal world constitutes "Broken".


So in other states with this goofy law, private schools are teaching creationism and that the anti-christ is lurking about to defeat our capitalism values.  

Want to have your kids in that kind of school?  

Fine. Pay for it yourself.

But not with my money.  Of if you want a pure users fee government, then you pick up the bloated salaries of Rep. Paul Stam and the others who jetted to Florida on the dime of wealthy lobbyists. 

Competition is good for business

Why exactly are the public schools so afraid of competition from private schools?

Or is all the fuss about protecting the teachers, administrators and bureaucrats?

Looking at our public school track record leads me to believe that we might consider a few changes here and there.

Educate (y)our children in public, private, or parochial schools

The object of raising our children and teaching them in the right way should be to provide the best education for (y)our children whether it is in the public, private, or parochial schools, and/or even in home schools.

Not so for left-wing Democrats.  More and more Democrats want to force parents to attend (y)our child(ren) to schools driven by National Education Association (NEA) Labor Union teachers who may choose to cram their anti-Christian “public schools” and what is also becoming anti-Constitutional education down the throats of all parents with children.

Most teachers in the “public schools” are great teachers; however, many are less than quality teachers who are teaching the “wrong values” and/or failing to teach the “right values”.

Parents must be allowed to send their child(ren) to thepublic, private, or parochial schools, and/or even in home school(s) of their choice and receive an equal amount of taxpayers’ funding. 

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